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    Hmmmmm, the good ole question of is having sex on the first date a good idea? Honestly, I can’t sit here and tell someone what to do with their penis or vagina, I can give you advice from a personal standpoint and you have to draw your own conclusions from there on out. I think a lot of women are looking for an GOLDEN answer to this question, when it’s simple, the choice is yours! As I’ve stated in many of my blogs before this, if you’re an adult and you and your partner have an understanding then why not bust it open lol. Sorry to sound so straight forward but at the end of the say it is what it is, just prepared for the outcome if it’s not what you expect it to be.


    Now I can personally attack this topic from two angels because I’ve had sex on the first date and then I haven’t and the outcomes are similar but since most of you like things in detail I’ll explain. Here’s one thing I’ve learned about guys, if all a man wants is some pussy from you, then that’s all he’s going to want. So trying to make a guy wait 80 days before fucking him is kind of crazy if you ask me. NOW, I AM NOT saying that as a woman you’re not supposed to have values and morals, but if you’re attracted to a guy and you both have an understanding as adults, then what you do behind closed doors is between you guys and God. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to keep it 100 percent honest with you. A man will wait 80 days to fuck you and still keep it moving if that’s his goal and I’ve learned this lesson personally. Some men are immature little boys that like to play games, and hey, that’s life and those are lessons we have to learn sometimes so we won’t make the same mistakes twice.

     I honestly think it’s great to get to know someone before you give them a piece of you like that. Each and every time you sleep with someone, you leave a little piece of you every time with them, so it’s like you’re connected in some way. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what I choose to believe. I also think just having a physical attraction to someone and sleeping with them because of that, is kind of shallow, but that’s my personal opinion from personal experience. But again, sometimes if the attraction is so strong that you’re vaginal muscles are screaming for that person, go for it.




    Always practice Safe Sex

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    Sorry but your not going to get me in the sack on the first date. You have to work for that cookie and it's amazing!  ;-)

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    If im dating a man ...I have an instant animal attraction to him.   I dont date for company, I dont date for trend, I dont date because i cant be alone.... I date because i want you no other reason..occasionally I will go out for a lunch or dinner with someone i already know, and he knows thats all it is drom the get go.  I believe that sex is the main attraction , the one thing that brings a man and woman stay together, to become a couple ith intentions of developing a future, to meld as one the ultimate goal. one on one up straight dirty and personal... thats the bestfeeling in the world. And what it leads to well thats left to the imaginagion . My imtention are ltr love and passion  

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