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    The type of standards that should be put on the back burner consist of the very clearly superficial -short hair, long hair, big dick, extra big dick, six pack, fat wallet, short, tall, watches romantic comedies, likes red wine and art galleries, only wears designer clothes and much more. These aren’t standards in the grander scheme of things because they don’t matter one bit if the person with these ‘wonderful’ things behaves like someone unworthy of your time.

    I’m not suggesting that you only go after people that you’re not attracted to but remember that we’re often attracted to and desire what’s bad for us. If you keep chasing the same type and getting shit results, it’s a very loud wake up call that something is clearly screwed up and that you’re focusing on the wrong things. Be open minded and less rigid about ‘type’ and be wary of looking for instant results where cymbals clash and the heavens open because the attraction is so strong. Get to know someone and their values and see whether they tick the right ‘standards’ boxes and you’d be surprised at how strong the attraction is. And how much it grows.

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    Very good advice.  I would add that you can pretty much have one of those standards.  When you add a second such standard (usually of the common varieties), you usually eliminiate every single person of the opposite sex on a website, that is not an shmuck.

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