Why are the majority of men this way? Dating Tips and Advices

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    I tried to post this earlier, but it failed.  Sorry if it is a Dupe.

    OK, imageine you lived in a world where:

    1)  No one EVER asked you out.  NOT once in your entire life.

    2) No guy EVER bought you a drink, or gave you a single compliment in a dating situation.

    3)  Guys routinely treated you as if you only after one thing - their money.

    4)  When you finally managed to get the nerve up to aska  guy out (because they won't ask you out), he rejects you.  So do the next 8 guys you ask out.

    5)  The 10th guy you ask out says yes - but makes you pay for dinner.

    6)  Found that beauty sallons refused to service you and that stores refused to sell you nice clothing.  You could only get in if your parents had lifetime memberships and they forgot to sign you up.

    Because that is the life most guys live in.  We get zero compliments, zero positive feedback, and women treat us like absolute dirt until after they start dating us.  

    Whereas a woman can make herself look good with surgery and dieting, male attractiveness is mostly about height and job.  In effect, the majority of guys that want to make themselves more attractive simply can NOT do it.  


    When it comes to self esteem and insecurity, our culture is desinged to put men through the ringer.   A few come out looking fantastic, but the most get dinged up quite a bit.

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