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    'Love' can have many different meanings to different people, so what kind of love is 'true' and what's not?
    What is your definition of 'true love' applied to your own life? And how is it best expressed in your opinion?
    And to the guys in here, I know it's difficult for most men to define 'feelings'....so in what ways do you express 'true love' without being over the top romantic about it?
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    Love is strong word, it is nothing about money,
    The real love is throug heart and mind, be there if she need you give space if she need it, and still show you are there, and the woman shall respect how he is dont change him and point, respect each other, that if they have interrest let them go alone or go together be there also if you dont have it because then it is both ways, give hug and kisses offen, gift is not allways importent that is show the love also in bad times, and so so much important is if partner gets sick stay there dont cheat or run stay and show you can handle it together, cry, laugh, play games together, enjoy quallity time, dont forget to be you keep up the love because many forget to keep up and it go down, look inside your self instead of point you also have to do things by yourself, and if there is problems in home take an nice talk dont go to friends or girlfriends and blame because then it start slowly to go down because then friends know and judge your partner because remember there is allways two stories.
    Take an dance together sometmes to lovely music so you both can enjoy love and feelings be greatfull if you get pressent dont blame you wanted different stuff, because if you show thankfull then you be happy.
    Most of all live you only live once, if your partner starts to change look what it can be talk support and real men also cry, the most importent things is morning wake up kiss and goodnight kiss people dont say but trust me it is important.
    Smile it dosent hurt is my motto :-)
    life is a value you have it only for loan you dont know when its over.
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