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    Do women want a rich man that is able to greatly provide for them,or do they want to blindly fall in love and not care about money at all?
    There is a popular belief that women are very materialistic and they are attracted to money,expensive cars and mansions.
    But in reality women ultimatelly want Love.They want to love and feel loved,but preferably not starve in the process.So yes,being wealthy surely helps,but it's not indispensable.
    There surely are women who manipulate men and use them for their money.And other women that hunt specifically for rich men to have relationships with.Well ...in this case they are basically selling themselves,and they will be treated accordingly-as a commodity.They will be used and then ignored.Men will get bored of them and they leave them for another"commodity".
    Men  are not stupid and most of the time they understand when a woman wants them for their money,and it's just a matter of time until they leave such a woman.
    So when desiring a rich man,while he may be attractive in the short term and provide a woman with all inclusive lifestyle,in the long term it will backfire.
    The Right Choice is to choose a man that is hardworking,responsible and ambitious,no matter what his current financial situation.And that's because an ambitious man may become rich at some point.
    If he doesn't, he'll still provide for his family,but he'll hardly ever become poor.
    Choose wisely-choose Right.  :)
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 14, 2013 at 06:25 AM

    Well said, Blue, now if I can only find that special guy........:)
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