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Questions men are afraid to ask women
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Posted on Sat, Jan 04, 2014 20:40

Quoting Orlando__:

These are a list of questions men have told me they are afraid to ask women.  Maybe there are more you can think of?
Why so many shoes?
Does size matter to you?
How do I tell you what I want in bed without sounding weird?
How do I get you to surprise me sexually?
How come you assume I know what you are thinking?
Do I really have to go to a chick flick?
Why all the drama?
How come my watching sports has to be a problem for you?
Why do I have to go shopping with you when I don't like it?
How do I get you to tell me your fantasies?
How can I get more oral sex?

Why ask WHY........  Just make the woman happy and she will fulfill your needs.

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Posted on Sun, Aug 04, 2013 14:36

Shoes make me feel sexy, I don't often find an occasion to slip into a pair of heels, but when I do I like having the perfect pair! Mind you, I'm pretty realistic and only have about 5 pairs, but I would certainly have more if I had the opportunities to wear them!
Speaking honestly, yes size matters. But not in the extreme. I wouldn't scoff and ditch a wonderful man if he wasn't well endowed, but I would be lying if I said I don't enjoy a man who is larger than average. but I believe this to be similar to the breast size idea, a lot of women are under the impression that men prefer large breasts, but I've met many who prefer smaller, just like I've met women who prefer average or smaller men. 
It doesn't sound weird, it's a normal conversation. Id much rather discuss things than waste time fumbling around figuring it out. 
You should express a desire to be surprised, but it also depends on the woman and what she likes to do. I'm naturally spontaneous and enjoy surprising my man, but I know other women who are shy and would never take the lead.
i never assume a man knows what I'm thinking because we have very different thought patterns. This is why I'm very quick to express myself and rarely hold back.
No, you don't "have" to do anything, if your woman wants to see a movie with you, shouldn't you appreciate the time spent together instead of being upset over what you're doing. Also, if you cant extend the courtesy, do you expect it in return?
I don't do drama, but I lack the general patience for it and have never felt the need to seek approval of my peers, so I don't have an answer here since I don't understand it as well.
I enjoy watching sports, but how about you ask yourself "how come my desire to watch a chick flick with you has to be such a problem?" Again, that's a two way street. If you both can't compromise and enjoy each others company doing many different things, then you will obviously run into problems.
Again, you don't "have" to do anything. I'd rather shop alone than with a person who has such a bad attitude.
Maybe put a little effort in and spend some time with me, get to know me and you'll be opened to the world of my fantasies.
Keep yourself clean. Give and you shall receive.

To be honest, these questions sound like they come from men who just expect a woman to do everything for them, while giving nothing in return. A relationship only has as much potential as youre willing to give. Maybe a change of attitude and discovering the joys of being selfless, they'll find themselves very well taken care of in return. At least that's my stance on things.

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