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    Boil the pasta in water combined with salt, and a touch of oil.

    Mix these ingredients in a frying pan:
    -a can of chopped tuna in oil
    -olives(cut into small rings
    -garlic(cut in thin strips)
    Fry these ingredients until the oil evaporates.

    Mix the boiled pasta with the frying pan content, and voilla.
    This recipe is delicious, and only takes 15 minutes to make.

    And a second recipe(just as easy to make).
    You need:
    Pasta, smoked cheese(or normal cheese, or mozarella, whichever you prefer), and butter.
    Boil the pasta in water + oil + salt(according to taste), than just mix the boiled pasta with the butter, and the cheese. Feel free to add some ketchup to the mix.

    Try these two recipes, and allow your taste buds to be delighted.

    PS: Both of these recipes are my own personal creation.
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    Try boiling some rice, than in a frying pan, combine it with salt, TUNA can, some olives, and heck, why not, some onion.


    Bon apetit.

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