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Posted on Wed, May 08, 2013 07:34

I am new to site, but I notice quick many fake photos. I notice they are  member mm recommended and post in forum. This  individual has a latin singer as their main pic. I am maybe deaf, but I do know how many of latin singers and actors look like after growing up seeing my parents enjoy their music. It is one of the few reasons I haven't uploaded  clear image without shades on or more images of myself etc., since not sure if it is worth staying on this site. Most updates men liking model-like female whose photos most likely stolen, even though I am blocked by mm as a standard member in chat room. I am allowed to read, and all I kept thinking is this a site for adults truly looking for love and possibility of marriage, or is it a site for people who are fake wanting to boast themselves into what they would like to be. Now this is my personal opinion, and I am not saying it is every member, since I have been reading some great comments by a few individuals As well skimming through profiles. Some screen names are very fooling thinking it is a male and  it ends up  female .. lol .. .Is just frustrating finding a great website to meet new people, even if it ends up just friendship. Will give it sometime, but not sure yet about this website .... thanks, I have never tried that will be doing that more often ...

ps. just editing obvious typos, then again it is what I get for commenting via mobile

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