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    What's your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  I'm an INFP:  "The Idealist."  My ideal match is an ENFJ or ESFJ.
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    I have not looked at the Myers-Briggs since grad school.
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    ESTJ- The Overseer

    ESTJ Overseers are responsible and hard working. Tradition and loyalty are deeply valued by them. As quintessential leaders, they provide structure and high standards to followers. When making decisions, they rely on logic and facts. ESTJs are efficient and thrive on routine and stability. They are committed and predictable. 


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    The ESTJ personality type is of the SJ Protector temperamentPreferencesExtraversion (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judging (J) 

    Directing their energy outwardly, ESTJs are gregarious, talkative and assertive. They like groups and social gatherings and are energized by interaction. ESTJs process information through their senses. They are concrete, realistic, practical and factual. 

    As Thinkers, ESTJs are logical and objective. They are firm with people and can be critical. They are frank although not always tactful. ESTJs are decisive and organized. Their lives are structured and scheduled. They are quick at tasks and enjoy finishing projects. They seek closure. 



    ESTJs can often be described using these words.

    • Responsible
    • Hard working
    • Practical
    • Punctual
    • Organized

    • Social
    • Logical
    • Traditional
    • Leader
    • Loyal

    • Grounded
    • Confident
    • Gregarious
    • Critical
    • Objective

    • Decisive
    • Concrete
    • Efficient
    • Disciplined
    • Dependable

    • Sacrificial
    • Committed
    • Talkative
    • Direct
    • Assertive


    ESTJs and Relationships

    ESTJs are loyal and committed to family. They appreciate lasting relationships with friends and neighbors. They seek to preserve traditions and create security for their loved ones. ESTJs enjoy the simple pleasures of life and do not like to feel controlled or taken advantage of. 


    ESTJs and Work / Career

    ESTJs possess a strong work ethic. They are organized and willing to make sacrifices to accomplish a task. They are committed to excellence and have high expectations of others. ESTJs like being appreciated and recognized. As leaders, they provide continuity and direction. They are energized by tangible results. 


    ESTJ Career Matches

    The following careers are possible matches for individuals with the ESTJ personality.


    • Accountant
    • Senior Manager
    • Auditor
    • Military Officer
    • Banker
    • Financial Officer
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    I am an ENFJ, but planning to shut down my account here prior to it's expiration. I calculated a 90%+ rate of fake profiles winking at me, and I'm interested in interacting with real people, not my computer. 
    It's summer, and I would rather spend time with friends than responding to profile winks for people that MM tells me 'do not exist.' I'm assuming there are real people out here...I simply haven't found them and have become bored with this site.
    Is anyone else experiencing this? When I receive a wink, I immediately reply, but MM always returns this message saying, "The member xyz cannot be found. Try again. If you still receive this message, it may have resulted from one of the following reasons: (their canned list of vague possible reasons appears below the message.)
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    An INTJ will live in a world of ideas and strategic planning.  They value intelligence, knowledge, and competence, and typically have high standards in these regards.  Do you agree with this write-up?
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    INTJ - Scientist/Mastermind
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