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Disappointed in some black women
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Posted on Sun, Feb 02, 2014 18:05

this whole topic can be talked to death. the realty is you have this issue in every race

you can only be responsible for you, not what someone else is doing

i dont let someone elses ignorance what she is and isnt doing be a factor in how i live my life, i dont shoulder that, if you know her call her on it and if you dont know a few ignorant women dont represent an entire race

and those people who believe they do..are not worth your time

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Posted on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 16:09

I happen to be one of those black women who date interracially. I can't say that I understand what the fuss is all about these black ladies complaining about white men not being interested in them! I have no such problem.

If anything, I have to bat the white males down....so that I can do my evaluation process with a clear head. I am extremely picky, so I filter who I want to correspond with further and or go on a date with, whilst politely declining the ones that don't meet the cut.

I think if you are positive, you will attract positivity, but if you feel white men look down on you, then your negative perception of yourself will appear as reality to you and those around you.

What healthy, strong and successful man will want to date a negative woman who is lacking in confidence? Confidence and attraction tend to go hand in hand....


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Posted on Sat, May 11, 2013 00:16

I wonder if they have  ever experienced a form of reverse psychology. Bare with me not sure if this will make any sense, but is a scenario that came to mind. Let say a white male not in their age range either too young or too old, who physically they are not attracted to them, but contacts them would they still complain discriminated by attractive men or due to lack if prestige/wealth instead of race hmmm maybe they just never satisfied with anything.

I do agree with Hoping it is a matter of attraction one can't force someone to be attracted to someone. If we could you think I would be on this site when George Clooney and Vin are not married ... lol ... whoever was the one complaining look at the bright side you have more options than me. I am 5ft estimated and deaf. Most men prefer taller women that can speak with through the phone, but you don't see me complaining. Since it is their loss and someone else gain  :)

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Posted on Sun, Apr 21, 2013 16:59

AMEN!! I totally agree with you!! 

It has to do with CHEMISTRY! (Which is what I tried to reveal on a couple of other blogs!) 

I am so sick of people throwing around race!! And, not to upset anyone, (as you stated in your blog,) but aside from the one white woman dissing white men, I find it is primarily black women doing the whining! "Why doesn't he pick me? Why are white men predjudice? Why can't I get a date?"  

First off, if a person of another race wishes to date another of a different race-- They have web sites geared JUST FOR THIS! I am certain there are many men who date interracially, BUT--- if a person does not have luck on one site-- go to one geared for what you seek! 

I have 2 women friends from here who are black and date white men only.. Guess what? They never had a problem here--- 

and they've also never whined about white men not being attracted to them! 

Hmmmm.. Wonder if this is a pattern? 

WELCOME TO THE BLOGS IKWEET! Glad to see a "Confident Black Woman" address this issue! 

~~ Hope ~~

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