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    To me, it sounds so unattractive to constantly speak about being with a rich person or millionaires. 
    Look, in my opinion, a wealthy man/women can become on wealthy too. One wrong move or economy could change their entire wealth status. 
    It's impossible for individuals to select a person based solely on their income. A wealthy person can become unwealthy and the unwealthy could become wealthy tomprrow based on their efforts. 
    Number one, physical attraction has to exist on BOTH SIDES.
    Two, mental connection.
    Three, make sure their behavior and yours match.
    Four, intimacy and what you and they enjoy. (Maybe a dominate person or love and caressing etc.)
    Five, make sure both of your lifestyles are a good match. I don't mind going to a club once or twice a year but weekly? No. 
    Six, adventrous or couch patatoe.
    Last thing should be income to figure out how the both of you could live within your means.
    Most ask me, why are still single? Easy answer, because I'm looking for everything not just someone with a "millionaire" status.  Also, not looking for a man who has 5 girls lined up to decide which one hes going to meet if it doesn't work out timing wise with you.  And most important, as we all have pictures to start off with..  Looking at one profile with a ton of girls surrounding him, would be the same if I had a picture with a ton of men surrounding me. 
    Just thought to throw in my opinion!!

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    Wow it's pretty contradictory your statemment. I tryed to open you profile an I found this message

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    Why I can not open your profile? It's probably cause I am POOR?

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    I cant believe this post didnt get a response.  It's excellent.  I would add a spiritual connection to this list but that could be included in lifestyle.
    I have seen many people who 'had it made' lose it all.  Economy, arrogance, bad choices, illness.  There are so many ways things can go south.  The other thing is that money cannot buy love, happiness or contentment.  Good looks are the same.  Some people think if you are good looking you have no problems and the world just bows at your feet.  Good looks cant buy a great relationship any more than money can.  It takes the combination you speak of to create a great match and to be truly compatible.  I am still looking.
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    And by the excuse my typing. Im on my phone Not a computer.
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