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    Quoting TMolly:

    Thanks for the advice.  I believe these types of relationshps can be very rewarding for the right individuals.

    Rewarding ? For who? Is it also "rewarding" for your husband? You didn't state whether you had an open marriage but since you mentioned being discrete,( correct spelling is discreet) surely you are ready to deceive someone, if not more than one person.
    How sad it is to see that this is the way you want it to be. At some point, you'll be hurting someone and it could be yourself!  Please rethink how you want to live your life?  I'm sorry but I would never be capable of doing what you're thinking of doing. My self-respect and having integrity means the world to me.
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    I am looking for that "one man" to spend the rest of my life with (that is why I am on a dating site).  To be married and look for other men is very confusing to me.  Why isn't one man enough for you.  I would be so afraid of users and especially diseases.  Perhaps you need to go to a "swingers dating site".  I just don't get it.
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    You may not have any drama now but you will if you continue this path you're on!!  My advice is to either get a divorce or stay loyal to your husband and find some respectable ways to fill your time.
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