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What a Women really Wants
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Posted on Sat, Mar 02, 2013 15:13

Lets bein with me, because I'm  the most pickiest woman  on the planet. I desire a man who knows how to take control , orchestrates not demand. In other words a man who doesnt do lip service but shows through action.
Guys; from what women tells me , please no more Schlong pics unless you have Horse DNA running through your veins..lol..no stumpy or curvature to the side..lol .. we love you all, but we can't  touch you to straighten out those curves or  help you stretch  for the olympics....so please , just put yourselves in our place??..lol
Guys; When you take a women out on a date , dont dominate the conversation by talking about yourself the whole time for God  sake,  let us get a word in edge wise. 
Guys: If a women says hi ,  or wink , you may be selective but be curteous because she has taken a moment out of her time to say hello to your sorry Ass , so return the favor, she doesnt wish to marry you , just to admire.


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Posted on Sun, Mar 03, 2013 17:12

"SHLONG PICS"?   HAHAHAHA.  thank heavens this site has a BLOCKING feature.  Guys that post such photos are only after one thing or they are very insecure.  Shame