Beware the scammers out there... Newcomer Introduction

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    Easy --- never ever ever ever send money or give out information that can be used against you to someone you dont know.

    Actually almost all people will have a footprint and ALL millionaires will do, and all company owners certainly in the EU will be on the commercial registrars.
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    This is very typical of the stories that a scammer will tell you.  They are usually widowed, have a child, sell gemstones or are engineers, say they live in one place and work in another.  Some important things to remember (especially you new members).....
    1)   Always stay on this site when chatting with someone.  A scammer will want you to leave the site ASAP and talk on Yahoo or another site.  He/she will say their membership is running out or this site is too slow, etc.  Talking in Private chat or email (on here) will give you documentation of your conversations.
    2)  NEVER give someone your real name, address, phone number or email address.  There are several good investigative sites on the internet to help you verify someone.  Giving someone you have never met this information gives them info for identity fraud!!
    3)  NEVER EVER send anyone money.  No respectable man or woman will ask you for money.
    4)  Follow  your gut feeling.........if you suspect a scammer......copy your emails or conversations and forward them to  They do a wonderful job checking people out and removing this kind of trash from this site.
    Check out the chat room on this is a great place to meet nice people.  You are here to meet Mr or Ms wonderful so don't let slime (like scammers) deter you.  Be cautious and follow your gut instinct.   Good luck!!
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    Thanks for sharing that.......I have had several men in the past do the same sort of thing to me.  They are US citizens so they say.....and they are out of the country on business and haven't gotten a check yet and some emergency or something has come up and they need money to get home!  Don't buy into that!
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    Whoa! Thank you for sharing!
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