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    Do men like dumb-looking, sleepy or drunk women?  The answer is "YES."  A recent study by Cari Goetz in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior found men rated 19 out of 22 traits such as stupidity, sleepiness or drunkenness as "atttractive"  The number one reason was they were sexually "exploitable."  Of ccourse, the study also said these men would never marry any of those women.  
    Does this speak more poorly of men or women?
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    Personally I find that a little disgusting. Drunks are completely annoying. In my book sleepiness sounds like an excuse for lazy people to be lazy unless their are extenuating medical circumstances. Nothing about any of the situations described are "attractive" to me.
    It speaks more poorly of men. Claiming of ALL men 19 of 22 men would sexually exploit women in conditions/situations. I would dare say 19 of 22 women who would be drunk, sleepy, or physiologically inept would not wish to be exploited in this fashion. So we are not evan talking about ALL females. My answer is "NO."
    Lets get 22 comments on the topic before we believe a isolated study shall we.
    Also 22 comments will be hard to get dew to the topic at hand being hardly worth commenting on. Thank you.
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    LMAO Where do you get this stuff?

    Was this the same study that said that women with big, round eyes were more breedable because they had higher levels of estrogen?

    But to answer your question, I've never been one to take advantage of the handicapped or impaired... I prefer willing participants.
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