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    Reported in USA Today 2/1/12: A "survey found: 55% of singles reported having had sex on the first date (66% of men and 44% of women)." 

    Any comments?
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    Quoting Orlando__:

    Reported in USA Today 2/1/12: A "survey found: 55% of singles reported having had sex on the first date (66% of men and 44% of women)." 

    Any comments?

    Statistics are fun....  That means that 12% of the men must have either:
    1. Had group sex with another guy within the 44% of women
    2. Had sex alone
    3. Had sex with another guy.
    4. Lied
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    Quoting lexusdriverkj:

    This is from the female half of this couple. My take is that it has always been harder to get a date with me then it is to have first date sex. If I agree to go out with either a man or a women- it means I am physically attracted to you and there must have been something besides looks that got my attention. So, of course I go on that date with the full attention of sex. A guy or girl would honestly really have to f up the date in order to not get lucky. And I am pissed because as a grown woman, I admit I love sex and do not feel the need to wait for it.

    I could not have said this better myself.  Thank you!  Those of you that are slinging judgment need to realize there is a difference between having sex because you think he expects it and it will "keep" him, and having sex because you like it and you are into him.  I am not devising how I am going to  make him love me and marry me.  I am enjoying myself with a great guy and if it lasts great (which it usually does for me to a decent degree) and if it doesn't, I had a beautiful time.  It is all fine if you aren't expecting a certain outcome and you are not ignorant about intimacy!
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    To each their own. In this world sex markets almost everything. It seems women once again are trying to prove they make the decisions for their own bodies and there is less labeling now. It's not just cool for the guy to get lucky it is now cool for the chicks, and they aren't getting  alled names for doing exactly shat the men have been for years. I agree with this aspect very much. Our world still has a long way to go before men & women will truly be considered equals. That's my open mind.
    For me, I guess sex is better when you actually KNOW who you're sleeping with. You are better in tune with each other's wants or desires; maybe even discussed beforehand a few romantic notions to better enhance their first sexual experience. If the company is great & the first sexual encounter iwent really sell, then you have a better chance at a relationship. It is just as important in a relationship to have a great emotional connection as a physical one for a relationship to go the distance. 
    But, for those who are more free, please stay safe & get checked often
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    Can you say disease!
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    I hope they got a clean health report. Someone who is that easy needs to make sure they are healthy.
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    If you feel this...enjoy :d if not....u can will be better in time :D