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    I just saw that you can buy divorce insurance online.  Hmmm.  Do you think that is a good idea?  What message does it send?
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    Divorce insurance is there to protect us when love fails us.  Yes, this is said by a woman getting divorced who indulged one who didn't have the money. 

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    I understand the principle of mitigating risk, but even risk mitigation has a price. Take our recent financial crash as an example. Risk mitigation efforts produced deregulation of complex financial instruments and the proliferation of Credit Default Swaps. With the downside risk severely mitigated, investors made much poorer investment decisions than they would have otherwise made. Banks lent to people who they knew were poor credits. Investors accepted the proliferation of AAA rated securities without further due diligence. And the meltdown was catastrophic. Purchasing comprehensive divorce insurance may protect your financial assets, but exposing yourself to a spouse who doesn't meet the most exacting qualitative standards could produce catastrophic, non-monetary losses. I recommend raising the bar of your expectations for potential partners, and allowing that hightened scrutiny to be your risk mitigation method. 

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    i believe everyone should protect themselves if its true love than neither person would have a problem with a prenup . I believe in time it could change but i still say protect what u got til you know what you have
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    The newer version will be called Marriage Assurance and will significantly reward people who STAY married. Of course, in the interim it will still provide insurance coverage against the unimaginable financial devastation caused by divorce, but the focus will be on wealth creation rather than simply wealth preservation.
    I should know, I'm the CEO of SafeGuard Guaranty, the company that developed both.
    The reality is that preparing for something that is more likely to happen to you in the next 10 years than a serious auto accident or disabling illness is simply smart. Unfortunately, 32% of first marriages fail (usually within the first 8 years), 67% of second marriages fail (prenups and our insurance should be no brainers for anyone on this website considering a second marriage) and 3rd marriages and beyond fail at a rate of 72%! The US Census predicts that of people who marry today only 33% will ever see their 25th wedding anniversary.
    If those numbers aren't scary enough, then consider this: a study done at Ohio State shows that the average loss of total net worth after divorce is 77%. Any financial planner worth speaking to would advise you to insure against any risk that has the potential to cause you to lose 3/4 (or more) of your total net worth. You'd be foolish not to.
    And yes, I know it flies in the face of religious conviction and faith in marriage vows, but regardless of how much faith YOU put in your marriage vows, your spouse may see things differently. Things change. People change. And the unimaginable happens to 48% of married people in the US every year.
    Look around at all the people you know that are divorced. Are ALL of them that bad in judging character that you expected them ALL to get divorced? The answer is probably no.
    You might be surprised to learn that I agree that it's a sad commentary on our society, but the reality is that 44% of American families go below the poverty line after divorce. You might not ever be part of the 44% but if we can keep even one child out of a life of poverty, we know we're doing the right thing.
    Want to learn more? Just Google "marriage insurance". If you're interested in learning more about our ground-breaking company, feel free to contact me.
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    Devawn, I think you nailed it... but I also believe that prenups do the same thing...  of all the people I know who had prenups, not one has said they would ever have another.

    Personally, if I felt the need for either insurance or a prenup, I'd walk away... not that anyones gotten me near an altar but stilll...
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    I think divorce insurance would imply that one does not have faith that the marriage would work and is preparing for it's doom; rather than operating out of the principle of joy, love, faith, and devotion.
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