honestly seeking sugar momma Long Term Relationship

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    title and profile explain pretty much everything...i'm 29 swm and seeking a wealthy woman to be with...no i don't plan on spending your money on fast cars...i don't even drive really...personally i just like to hang around the house...i'm also an amateur artist so i like to paint, draw stay busy...for you i would cook (or atleast try to), laundry, rub your back, massage your feet whatever makes you happy....for me i enjoy traveling, television, music everything...i like to go out too but i'm the poor bum remember :) so if you are a rich lonely woman looking for a jiggalo then i'm NOT your man...i do jiggle a little though due to my weight, ha...no i'm looking for a laid back woman who enjoys doing things but also enjoys rest and relaxation...i live in colorado USA at the moment and not so sure about dating outside the state but for the right woman i'm willing to move...or perhaps you could move to me :) well i'm done blabbing about my fantasy woman...back to the show!
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    bepositive u are right
  • View author's info posted on May 14, 2012 03:33

    No Kidding! For the first time, I am short of words!
  • View author's info posted on May 12, 2012 11:05

    BWAHAHAHA!! I'm sorry.. I saw this and I am STILL LAUGHING!!
    Now ladies... Let's give the poor, pitiful shmuck some credit here.. At least he isn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes... There are plenty of "not so attractive" women who try and seek men under the presumption of "LOVE" .. all the while they are just after some dough!!
    DUDE... I mean um... SugarBABY... Bwahahaha!! (name speaks "not a MAN" in itself!) 
    Hon... Men do not refer themselves as "babies" ...
    Best wishes in your quest... At least you are upfront.. But seriously.. There are some handsome men in great shape even those far older than you are.. who are articulate, stunning, well rounded individuals.... who look much better in a speedo...
    So you've got your work cut out for you dear! 
    Just sayin....
    Bwahahaha! Best chuckle of the day was reading this blog! ;)
    HI BEPOS! Hi Ladies!! I'd say we all dodged a bullet here.. but seriously.. just with the lack of intelligence in his profile.... (and the view of one sloppy picture...) no one here would grant him the time of day to date... even if he didn't seek money! :)
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    Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this is makes me sick. Who do you think you are ?
    Disable people even go to work but you want to take advantage of old rich woman so you can stay old day at her house and learn to paint. You said you don't need her money, what do you think living in her house doesn't cost money ? or eating a food she would have to pay for since you offering to cook ? P.S. I don't believe that you don't need her money. If money would not be an issue for you you would move in with low income or middle class retired female who need help.
    You are real USER ! And there is nothing uglier then watching a man who doesn't know how to make a $ but looking for disparate woman to take advantage of. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaak !
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    Then aside from you not wanting to work why are you looking for a wealthy woman??  Your type of profile is the type many women will avoid!!!   Wealthy or not we like a man that is self sufficient and caring,,,,,,,,,,good luck in your quest.
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    i don't need a sugar daddy because i'm not gay...HAPPY
  • View author's info posted on Apr 17, 2012 23:39

    I gotta chime in here. This is exactly the type of profile I avoid because it sends mixed messages and doesn't describe NOTHING about the author. What is the point in writing it?

    Communication is key to introductions.
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    Perhaps you are on the wrong dating Site.......there is a site called sugardaddies.com that you may want to check out.   You are still so young....why not get a job and support yourself...it will give you self respect.  It is sad to see young people taking this "easy route" instead of taking pride in themselves.  In my opinion I dont think you are going to find what you are looking form  Most women (that have money) that are older than you have already raised her children and not looking to raise another.  SAD
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