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    yo any hoes wanna meet up i have a shit load of beez and gasoline .... who wants to party ? LOL
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    Quoting waterbabyfl:

    you are aware this is a millionaire website?

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea cuz youre gonna get a MILLIONAIRE LOL

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    I just read your profile and this is my view from a female perspective.  I would cut it down quite a bit.  You repeat a lot.  Make it simple.  Don't dwell so much on your healthy life style - that is with all the explanations about greasy food and sugary food.  My mom was a vegetarian and it is almost a religion.  Not a lot of people at ths age eat that healthy.  I would soft pedal it and as they get to know you, they will get more information from you.  But don't overwhelm them with so much information right away.  I am a very honest person but too much information at once can scare someone away. Also, don't mention you are no longer a paid member.  That doesn't matter.  I've "edited" your profile and I'm sure you could probably do the same for mine. this what I would suggest.  Just a thought.  And again, this is just from my perspective.  You have some nice humor in there.  I like that
    I am a widower now looking for the one woman to share my life with. I'm a well adjusted guy, confident, easy going, friendly, loving, relaxed and casual yet can be serious, romantic at times (I admit I'm no Casanova). I'm faithful, honest and sincere, love to laugh and am looking for someone with the same values. I'm not afraid of difficulties. I know that life can be very difficult; I know the value of life.
    I enjoy the outdoors, and doing as much as possible outside - jogging, walking, hiking, camping, biking, off-roading, and enjoy walking on a beach (although it is a 5 hour drive away).
    I’m healthy and try to keep fit and eat healthy. I am a casual guy - shorts (or jeans) and t-shirts mostly. I don't even own a suit. I do have a tux that I wore once for a band gig. I am a musician. I play sax (tenor, alto, bari), clarinet, guitar, bass.
    I believe in love and my heart is open for love.
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    Wow! you are very sincere in his words (his profile is correct and you say what you feel)
    Your profile has nothing bad, just that you should be patient, remember you are looking for the right person to complement their life. Is not easy.

    Here there are many men and women like you, and still are alone. It should say it is not easy (not counting new members who sign up every day looking for their soul mate).

    You should start with having friends, and give opportunities to other women (I'm sure there are women who write or wink at you).

    Patience is my advice 
    good luck.-

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    Hi Carvin,

    Your profile is great! There's nothing wrong with it. If they weren't interested in the real you, you are better off knowing earlier on than later on - trust me.

    There's nothing wrong with a dirty car, it is real life - that happens to most of us who own cars. I will, as a lady, not pose topless, but then it's a guy thing - you are allowed, lol!

    Enjoy this site - it's not exclusively for millionaires - it is for millionaires, their friend/admirers (honest - check the name on your browser), ex-millionaires, aspiring millionaires non-millionaires etc!

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