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    Why are men that are my age interested in meeting women that are from 28-40 or 25-38? "Nothing against you ladies in that age bracket."  But you will discover that when you become my age 51, the selections are slim.  There are only few select men that are my age or a little younger that will gave us a chance."

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 20, 2016 at 11:32 AM

    Sad to think that committment is about medical care. 

  • View author's info Posted on Aug 06, 2012 at 09:41 PM

    Quoting Nader:

    I disagree with the generalisation, that said I am not at the receiving end of messages from men. Thank God. However, there are men who are looking for genuine relationships and want to grow old graciously and peacefully with someone they care for and love. I have reached the conclusion that this site attracts a lot of bogus men and women-- it's a wonderful trap for vulnerable types who somehow believe that the site's name denotes people of calibre and substance. Quite the contrary, I have been inundated with 20 to 30 year olds looking for an " older man" -- what a joke-- you should see the near " playboy" magazine type pictures-- so much for their quality control. And there are those women in their 40s or so that are looking for someone as a retirement plan, bank account, meal ticket etc-- what a desperate world !!!!
    Best wishes

    Unfortunitely Nader appears to be the typical, cynical older man who shouldn't bother speaking of much younger women when he is 58 years old. Nader, I suggest you look in some retirement homes for some older women who may be happy with your company. That way they have already retired and you can't question what you think is their agenda. I for one, wouldn't want your company in my retirement age, I would rather play Bingo with my friends.

    Most women in their 40's have lived a great deal, if not all,of their lives being without a "Meal Ticket" and they will continue to do just fine without you. I have never had a meal ticket and I highly doubt I ever will. I would rather clip coupons with the right man than go through anything with the wrong man, just sayin'.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 04, 2012 at 02:49 AM

    I have to subscribe to the group that is not true. You are only as young you feel. I have a body that rivals a 20 or 30 year old, keep my skin in check and dated guys as young as 30 years my age. I don't know if it is genetic but have FUN with it.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 03, 2012 at 05:08 PM

    The odds are slim indeed for any ladies around our age! Living in California makes my odds even worse unfortunitely. I find a lot of men in their forties who have led single lives and now want a baby-maker. The other problem I have are divorced men my age who have young children because they waited so long to have them in the first place.

    Between the men searching for perfection, wanting babymakers or at the parenting stage I am really at a loss.

    What most men fail to realize is women our age are usually great catches! There are a few smart ones but they're the minority.

    Some of the reasons why I'm a catch..

    I raised my daughter into a successful adult and I'm done. No young children ,no responsibilities. My spare time is what I choose it to be.

    I'm wiser. All the experiences ,good and bad made me who I am now and it isn't bad,lol.

    No need for anyone to wonder if I will age well. Just look at me,I have aged pretty well.

    I know what I want and it isn't going to change.

    I could go on but I think I've made my point. We are good, most men are too foolish to know it!
    Best Wishes to you in finding that right guy who will treat you the way you deserve.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 30, 2012 at 02:17 AM

    Well said, and thank you. But it does remain, the system we are in at present encourages us to have our own home, our own circle, our own business or job...thus, it seems so impossibly difficult to have a blending of the two sexes, a committment as you say. It is confusing to me, and more so as I aged into my 50's. I would like to think websites as this might make it easier, but so far.....(sigh)  CD
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 24, 2012 at 07:24 PM

    Just think what it's like when you hit 60. Unlike me, it seems like everybody lacks any desire for commitment.
    So what's going to happen when you at 70 or 75 and living alone you have nobody to to check on you all day to make sure you haven't fallen and broken a leg or hip?
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 27, 2012 at 04:45 PM

    It is unfortunate, but most men our age gravitate to the 'young things' because they cannot handle a mature, confident and self-assured woman, too much of a challenge. On the other hand you do have a few men who would rather be with someone there own age with whom they can relate.
    Guys, just remember that 50 plus age group is now the new 40s, we have it going on in comparison to these little young thing. For the record, we look a heck of a lot better.......let's face it you are definitely missing out!|