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    Well said!

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    it is interesting... on a lighter note, your chances of marrying a millionaire is higher than winning the lottery, and a bit higher than getting hit by lighting...

    and a lot higher if you don't just limit yourself to the US alone... if we look at the world then there are higher numbers... besides, US isn't even the top 5 richest countries in the world. 

    and ok, let's say that you do marry one... the question is... can you handle it? that sort of lifestyle? would it change you for the better or worst? the impact of marrying one is more worrying to me than to process of getting there or the chances of doing so.

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    hum many things that been said here, well i feel the same way. 

    its not to have a milionaire or bilionaire. 

    its to have a good understanding between the two of you, and can live trough difficult times together. 

    its not money that makes you happy, it makes is some easier in live to life, but it needs to be oke between two people to live a life together. 



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    Nicely Put!

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    I ran across this post and i just have to say a couple things if i could please!  First of all please note a millionaire is a person and a real someone with feelings and most real millionaires just really want to be another one of the guys. Considering i was raised very poor i know both sides of money status and take it personal when im talked about as someone not reachable or even touchable.  There are more millionaires out there that are in statistics because it only makes sense to down play your financial status for so many reasons.  Unless your trying to impress and i think real millionaires, or at least myself and ones i know dont want to impress, dont need to impress, as a matter of fact most are a little embaressed about it, yet its the only way they know how to provide very well for there own family and feel like a man by making sure there not in need or want for anything. That cant be done without a lot of money! Also please keep in mind that millionaires have a whole new set of problems that most cant imagine and one of those is there financial status when single, sure they can go out and paint the town red anytime and have a following when he or she does, but singles around them are too intimidated by there status to date them or get to know them so it makes it hard for a millionaire to find there other half and when they do it takes a lot for them to trust and know that person aint just someone wanting a ticket to ride! Just saying.   Max    

     Btw, speaking for myself, Id rather have a modest, hard working, low income,  down to earth, good hearted girl anyday!  So its very possible for anyone to marry a millionaire!!!!!!!!

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    I think it´s less likely but it could happen to anyone.


    To all the women that are looking for a millionaire, I want to share my experience so you could give a second thought to your quest …


    I recently broke up with my boyfriend who is millionaire (+$1.5Mill) and a very good looking, single gentleman of 33 years old. Why would someone break up with this catch right?? (Very common thought), I´ll tell you why.


    That relationship was by far the less happy one that I have ever had, and I have nothing bad to say about him as a person but definitely he is not the one with which I want to spend the rest of my life. He was always more focus on his money and how to invested to acquired more, that in Me or the Family that we were supposed to form together.

    So ladies be sure that MONEY DOES NOT BRING HAPPINES, look for someone that love you above all things, that’s where real happiness is, at least for me.




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    i wonder now about the gay millionaire statistics? lol

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    Self made people, just care for themselves and just want a bauble to hang on their arm when it is uselful to them, then discard when they realise that the other person is in love with them,.. Heartbreaking, old money is oh so different.

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    Reality an wanting are two different things,

    Money is a comfort to some an a life of loneliness to others x

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    Everything is realistic if you want it bad enough. Although, be careful what you wish for sometimes...

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    Insightful, and mostly true.
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    WOW!  That is really interesting!
    You should always think on the bright side.....At least now I know I can find that 1/6 of 1%
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    I think it depends on your socioeconomical status.
    Women tend to generally marry two classes up, they feel that a man can provide for her better than she's used to but still have enough in common with him to enjoy the marriage.
    Men tend to marry down because they like to feel like they are the one in the position of power and therefore have control.
    little do they know ;)
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    Sure it is.  We are all just people.  Granted we are on a website that skews the context a bit but the issue remains - men and women are on this site to meet and get to know one another - abeit with a fairly large range of motivations and expectations.
    I cant speak for anyone else, am new to this site and being single but some opinions...
    I intend to find someone that makes me happy and ultimately marry again if that is what we decide. 
    Who and when may be answered by participating in this site.  Not really sure at this point.  Pretty sure that a large percentage of the "millionares" here are in fact asset based (own stuff that net of their debt might be a million dollars) vs what many of you girls might stereotype as millionares. (Making millions of dollars per year).  The lifestyles vary pretty dramatically between the two groups above.  And of course there are some who are many times over on both categories.. it's called being financially successful.   If the millionare lifestyle is what attracted you to this site, you have the brains to figure it out and the attributes (Beauty, charm, life expereience, wit, intellect, etc) to be a good match for a high earner - it can and has worked out.  Only you can determine if your expecations are realistic and to a large extent your energy efforts and a bit of luck will determine the outcome.  But it's not going to be based upon your desire to be a partner to a wealthy man alone.  You have to bring to the table things they/we desire as well.   What does that represet?  Probably a pretty wide range of expectations on the guys part.  Figure there are many here that are "players" who are looking for the "girlfreind experience"  dating a twenty something.  And more that though aren't looking just for that end up having experiences like that on the journey.  Some are sincere and just stumbled on this place.  But every single one of them are just guys looking for someone.  For what is the question that I believe these sites are designed for.  And even in the worst case scenario, what you think you are looking for changes based upon meeting someone that causes you to rethink what you thought was important to you.
    But what is the millionare lifestyle?  I never labeled myself in this way before joining this site.  Worked hard and made money.  Saved it, invested wisely.  Built and sold companies.  Raised a family.  Did things that made me and my family happy.  Never intended to be anywhere like here.  Well things didnt turn out as planned. 
    So what are guys looking for here?  Probably a pretty wide range from casual sex as frequently as possible to a monogomous life partner till death do they part.  The key thing to understand is that no matter how things start - they can end up very differently.  That being said, there are assholes in every economic position and you will know them when you see them and not every guy here is one.
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    The statistics aren't realistic to some people that know nothing about people, in general.

    What everyone seems to be forgetting is that rich people are still... People. With needs.

    The rich marry their own kind, in search of equality.

    But a wealthy person, lacks the adventurous spirit. Let's face it, people get bored with objects, when they have nobody to share them with.
    And when wealthy marries wealthy, they both get bored, because they are able to afford stuff on their own. Rich with rich doesn't work. It's a boring match.
    They need enthusiasm. The poor have plenty of that.
    I'm very certain about my theory: the rich and the poor need each other.

    I would marry a wealthy woman, if i had genuine feelings towards her, not out of just interest.
    Marrying for interests create bastard babies, frustrations, and so on.
    If i can't be completely honest with a woman, why the hell would I marry her? To get frustrated?

    Before getting married, try being a real couple first.
    It seems everyone has forgotten this step...
    Without this important step, you get involved in a bad marriage that is bound for disaster.

    People need honesty. All of them.

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    The key word is not millionaire, it is the word "marrying".  Yes, ladies, there are millionaires out there to be had.  Not the 80k a year implied, but the 250-500k a year real deal doctors, lawyers, and politicians.  Sure, some of them are taken and looking for an additional relationship, but some of them are not.  The single ones I have dated are not necesarily locked into the idea of marriage, not because they are not wanting a loving, one on one, long-term relationship, but because they like their independence and also protect themselves to some degree.
    I have not wanted to be married, so I am not sure how that would have changed things. I have enjoyed the LTRs I have had. I am becoming more serious with my relationships and thinking about the next stage, so I will let you know!  (New here BTW).
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