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    How to make a person to open up? is it possible within a month?So how long dating usually takes? Why people have a strong fear to marry? Do u want a person of ur level only?
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    Quoting StevenR:

    How to make a person to open up? is it possible within a month?So how long dating usually takes? Why people have a strong fear to marry? Do u want a person of ur level only?

    Please excuse my late reply !!!

    Open Up? : Pretty hard, to sum it up. I've been kind of teacher to many (both men & women) coming from my heart, over many many years, including some bi-polar people. It takes a lot of patients, compassion, and caring. I can only speak of people I cared for without wanting anything in return, such as love, sex, or dating in mind. Ultimately they open up when they know they can trust you and that you are smart, and a friend, so they can believe in you.

    Time? : That varies from person to person. A month is like a day to them, depending how deep their problem is. It can take months.

    How long dating usually takes? : Be prepared that it could never take place. There are too many variables, including 2 main ingredients. (1) There must be a basic attraction, (2) That you can control the conversation. Talk about her, not yourself. Don't brag about yourself, and put anyone down, that includes a relative, a friend of yours,anyone and all. Always remember complainers are losers, it puts you in the spot light as being incompatible. Besides even bad things that happen are beautiful, it gives you experience and makes you a better knowledgable man.

    Why fears to marry? : For one it ties them down, lose of freedom. And the divorce rate and problems many marriages have is almost, if not, alarming.
    The fear of marriage is incubated in their own household. Personal experiences within their family, friends, relatives, and the media. To overcome that fear, you yourself must be easy to get along with, caring, and understanding, and above all show no hostility toward anyone, that includes 'don't cuss out people nor strangers'. As simple as don't give a finger to a passing bad driver. Show that you're made of nothing but love -- sounds silly, not ? but it's true. Try it. It will also help your complexion and keep you younger. How you feel comes through without you having to say a word. Well at least I have those senses.

    Your level only ?: I disagree, the best couples have their own personalities to complement one another. To keep up the excitement of life. It be dull as hell of both of you are on the same level. Caring and being kind and respectful overcomes fear and arguments. Also 2 different levels helps in many aspects of family matters, they help each other in daily routines. i.e. The man might be a good fixer upper, while she makes a great financier. And speaking of financier, you should look at how frugal she is and whether she buys junk or quality. You don't want someone that shops just for the sake of shopping, but because it makes her happy and is needed.
    Same level only applies to couples that like a three some, or spouse sharing.

    On the side: There is nothing more beautiful than Nature. Take her to the parks, the ocean, the lakes, the mountains, and laugh together over a picnic lunch. Nature is great for the soul and helps open her up. Anybody can take anybody to dinner and yap. If you only want to take her to bed than dinner will spoil your objective. 75% of dinner dates fail. You take charge but observe and listen to her desires. Your here on earth to please her not yourself. Never put yourself above her needs. Women are just like children, you give a present to a child to make the child laugh, that feels good, not? Try it with a woman. Most men can't listen, that's why they fail, and that's why too many marriages are on the rocks. I come from a family that never argued (never ever). It was my teacher.
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