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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 15, 2015 at 04:44 PM

    Unfortunitely I seem to be a magnet online for scammers.  On one particuliar site, I get messages every single day from them even though there is a warning to them on my profile. I have literally blocked hundreds on them. They're like ants, you kill one and ten are behind it. I am not going to post some of the clues on how we figure out they're scammers but a lot of them are obvious.  There are some intelligent scammers though that are harder to come to conclusions about.  Be careful whether they are possible scammers or real, people cannot be trusted so just be smart, meet in a public place, etc.,etc..



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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 13, 2015 at 02:08 PM

    I broke up with someone by texting him the other day.  Does he even know it?   That was part of the problem, he was always busy and if he wasn't busy he was still in a hurry.  Some things are meant to be savored.

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 24, 2014 at 05:07 PM

    Another day, another scammer. What else is new?  Well I did get some kisses yesterday...they were wrapped in tin foil.



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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 29, 2014 at 04:12 PM

    I had my first and last date with someone recently,someone from online, from another site.  This site doesn't work for me for actually meeting a real person...ever. Moving on.. we spoke on the phone just once and it was long enough where he should of asked me his all important questions that would make him decide whether or not we should date. What were these all important questions you might wonder? Was it about my spiritual beliefs or whether I'm ready for a relationship? No, of course not! The first question was if I golf, the second question was if I ski,lol. I guess since he needed to come out to my area to pick up some wine he ordered from a winery closeby to where I live, he might as well do a "twofor" and meet me at the designated winery at precisely 5 o'clock when he would be done with his other business. You do know what a twofor is, don't you?


      We met, I knew very early on that there would probably not be a second date. I am becoming more observant and noticed a few things. One was that he never once complimented me the entire night. The second was as we were walking on the sidewalk, he walked ahead of me and was walking kinda fast, I was in heels and got a blister earlier. Men need to learn it isn't speedwalking on a date! Third, live music was playing, he never asked me to dance. Just a sidenote; it doesn't matter if you can dance well although that is a nice bonus but just that you are willing to dance at all/I will spare you the rest of the observances. I will spare you the rest.


    The most shocking thing was that he actually looked like some of his photos, that was a first!!  Geez, maybe next time the guy will look like his photos and have some pharoahmones ;)



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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 11, 2014 at 03:16 PM

    I recently lost both my pets. My snake of 23 years, Cricket and my beloved dog, Gizmo. I am really missing my dog, it's been one week since she passed one after 13 years of having her.  I would like some human love at this point, will I ever get it? Not so sure.

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  • View author's info Posted on May 01, 2014 at 09:38 AM

    I have met someone online that I really like, his name is Bob.   We haven't met in person yet but I'm positive he will be at least a good friend.  Not one of those friends you never see or interact with but you still call them a friend, no, he will be a true and active friend. I am hoping and praying that our friendship will be something more but I won't know until the time we meet or maybe more in the future.  All I know is he is a breath of fresh air.  


     We are both going through a dark and questionable time right now.  His dad, who he is very close to, is terminal so I'm happy to give him some support right now.  He in turn is being a friend to me,.. a nice change in my life for once.


     Two points: I met him on a free singles site, I have never met anyone here and probably never will.  The men here expect you to kiss their asses and are far too stuck-up,etc. or they're scammers.  Secondly, Bob removed his profile from the site we met on, it's a good sign he is serious. Once we meet and  find we have chemistry I will change my profile but will probably stay for the forum/blogs.



    On the other hand: Bob is quite a talker which is fine but he may be just fine with only speaking and texting on the phone.  I don't like texting too much yet I have found myself devoting a lot of time talking and texting when he may be so involved with his serious family issues that he is putting off meeting completely. What i thought seemed like a great start is becoming ONLY a start and may be nothing that will ever come to fruition.  I just spoke to him and he seemed pissed off when I said something like ' if something doesn't happen with him I am done with the internet'.  I'm done investing my time and my feelings into something that will never happen.  It has been over two weeks now and he lives about an hr or less away.  We are all busy and we both have stuff going on but I cant wait forever to meet him.  He may be such a fool that he will not make the effort and I will move on. From the way our last conversation ended, it may not be good.  No more text buddy stuff, I'm gonna knock it down to a few words.  Texting is time consuming and usually ends up meaning nothing with men I will never meet.



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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 13, 2014 at 06:46 PM

    Today (it's Sunday) is my 3rd garage/moving sale. I thought it was bad having one on Saturday, today is a joke!!  Not a single person bothered to get out of their vehicle to even walk to my driveway and garage. Geez, you drove to my house and now you aren't going to bother to get a look?  I have plenty pulled out of the driveway to see that there is clearly some stuff for sale.


    The 2 people who said they would come back today did not :(  One was suppose to buy a standing lamp and the other my patio table w/chairs.  


     Since I live in southern California what I typically get is Mexicans with thier trucks full of stuff, stacked to dangerous heights wanting my stuff for virtually free.  I would rather give it to charity!!  These are the same people who are driving illegally and lose their stuff on the freeway. I once had to dodge a mattress, it was scary for a minute,  thankfully I was okay that time.


     Anyhow, waiting for a friend who is over 2 hours late again!!  I want to get in my van to take down my signs but nooo, I can't again because of him. He was suppose to come yesterday, never shown up and then finally came at the end of the day, I waited 4 hours for him and then he bought nothing, no one bought anything. He did take pics. , he might have a friend who wants my sofas and/or daybed set. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


     Even though I'm dreading the homework involved, the only way to sell is online.  I have to take photos and give descriptions and deal with posting individually, what a pain!!  

  • View author's info Posted on Apr 11, 2014 at 09:16 PM

    Warning, I am in a lousy mood.  What you are about to read may affect you...or not.


     I am so sick of the endless single bulls***!!  I need to throw in the freakin towel and give up!!  First of all, I have a friends site I'm on, u know that popular one like a "book". I keep it very simple and have a small group of friends on there. So I make a post about a new dating site I joined (not this one) and how I was unexpectedly popular those first few hours but then I commented later that within 24 hours I had the site figured out and it was not good.  


     Almost every single "man" that contacted me was a scammer or even worse, they were what I call "plants". Plants are male (and female) false profiles set up for only one purpose, to lure in new members and get them to subscribe.  Right off the bat I knew there were a lot of lies happening.  A lot of these so-called members claimed to be from a nearby town that would never have one, let alone many of these more desirable men living there.  Wow, their marketing staff must be full of complete idiots to not even check out the town on Google first and then pick a city more realistic for their false profiles.


    So back to my friends book site, my friends are idiots. lol, I don't know what teed me off more, the new singles site or my friend's stupid comments.  One of them who should know better actually had the guts to type " Throw it out into the universe".  For anyone who even slightly knows me should know I detest New Ageism and will NEVER be throwing anything EVER into the universe!! lol, so,.. so bad.


     Then I got the bullshit "Love yourself" garbage and the "He will find you" and the "Don't waste your time on websites", etc.,etc.  Is the steam coming out of me ears right now?!


     There is more to say on this but I will just defend myself now and say, I rarely date, I don't "hang out" in bars or grocery stores or wherever the freak they think I am magically going to come across someone.  Now some punk gas boy came to my front porch to ask to install a new meter, was it suppose to be him? LMAO, I don't think so!


     Now there were quite a few nice looking firemen that were next door for my neighbors 911 call, I was tempted to somehow cause an accident so they would all come running to me but nah, I just couldn't.  As much as my number 1 fantasy crush may be the Sauza Tequila fireman, the reality hits home.  The reality is I want my man to be with me very night, not sleeping/working at the station sometimes gone for days. Fire season is about here, they're busy and it is dangerous too so really, not my choice to "do it with a fireman" , as the commercial goes. 


    Update: The site that I just joined the other day was so bad that I canceled mysubscription  even though I had a money back guaranty for a whole month. What was the final straw was the last guy who must have been real since he was so gross,lol.  He was married and online to have an affair and went into detail about oral sex on his profile.  Clearly the guy is scum of the earth. So that's it. I am about done!!

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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 11, 2014 at 01:23 PM

    I'm not done. 


      There is a site i'm on for the forum, there are political threads I am usually interested in on there but I really limit my time on it.   A guy sends me the rare friend request on there, I don't accept them cuz it would take time,etc.,ect.. I honestly don't know what he was thinking, I make it clear what I am on there, he seems to be more of the opposite.  I can have (and do have)  different kinds of friends and it's fine, I'm happy to have real friends BUT to be realistic, I would only want to date someone who shares my views and beliiefs.



    Why do they make it so difficult to know where they stand?  For all our sakes, whatever your views and beliefs are..POST THEM!!!   Do not make me guess and/or ask you!  When I have politely asked I have had many varying replies, you just never know what they will answer with.  Some have gotten downright nasty just because I asked them a simple question.  Isn't the point of being online to find someone compatible?  It is for me. I asked someone how old his kids were and not only did he not tell me but he acted like I was some psycho stalker.  He needed to "protect" his kids. Uggh, I didn't ask you what school they went to and what their safe words were, lighten up!



    The one thing that bugs me the most. What they have chosen as their religion or spiritual views, however it appears on that site. It is a box, all u have to do is check off the right word that is for you!  How difficult can this be? lol, I have had a lot who have denied their faith then conveniently later claim they're a Christian. I have had Jews post they're a Christian cuz they want a Christian girl. I've had Muslims deny they're Muslim, it goes on and on.  Just post the truth, it saves us all so much time & effort.

  • View author's info Posted on Apr 11, 2014 at 12:53 PM

    I got a notice that I had a wink today from this site and for the umpteenth time, it was a scammer with his profile already removed.   Very few winks I get are from real men, very few of those real men would I ever be interested in. 


    I got one wink from a supposed real man about 5 weeks ago, we have been communicating.  The first man on here that I have ever spoken to in 2 years of being on here!! I will say I have not been very proactive and I feel this is the worse site for me as far as meeting any local Californians, other sites are better for real outcomes.With the typical Cali guy on here, I'm not 25, not a dumb blonde who has no values, morals or standards,lol. I also don't have the inflatable puffs sitting on my chest. I could go on but I think u get the point.  Anyway, back to the guy I have been communicating with.. he is busy, or "swamped" as he puts it.  My gut feeling is he is definitely too busy for anyone including me.


    I have seen this plenty of times before, men make it seem like they want a relationship but the truth is they are too busy.  Good women come and go, they try to give them a shot and end up disappointed and walk away. These busy men will stay single forever.  It's sad for eveyone involved.



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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 20, 2014 at 01:45 PM

    Talking politics, yes or no?


     I have to talk about politics and religion when I'm trying to get to know someone.  They are two very important aspects of my life. It doesn't mean that he has to agree with me on everything but we have to have share some similar views.


    Yesterday I had my first yahoo instant messaging with someone. After exchanging some niceties, I started talking about my president. This guy is Canadian while I'm a U.S. citizen and, what I like to call myself..a patriot. I love my country but don't like my government too much, I definitely don't trust the president or anyone in his administration. For the record, I am neither  Republican or a Democrat.|


    So I ask this Canadian what he thinks about my president. He fails to tell me but the nutshell version is this. One of the first red flags he typed was "You idiots", we are not all idiots and that was just nasty.  Instead of throwing something back at him (cuz I happen to be mature), I just typed that I hope he isn't putting me into the category of idiots, then it got worse. When I mentioned Obama has helped Mexico's cartel (Fast & Furious, open border,etc.), he asked me if I was on crack. lol. Huge red flag!


    Okay..I got the point. He clearly doesn't follow Obama's disastrous actions and also has no decorum when instant messaging which I'm sure he must be the same in person too. Being naive about current events is one thing, being immature and not having the manners to act like a decent human being is another. Needless to say, he's deleted.



    My theory is why waste time? I'm serious about finding the right person so yeah, I am going to bring up religion and/or politics asap. I'm just thankful I didn't waste too much time communicating with someone that I don't care for. Moving on!

  • View author's info Posted on Feb 14, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Sigh, this about sums it up for me  It did make me laugh though.  And it's not completely dog loves me :)

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 23, 2014 at 04:27 PM



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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 16, 2014 at 05:36 PM

    This is familar,unfortunitely.


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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 09, 2014 at 10:23 PM

    This my dog, Gizmo. We both like company, treats and naps :)



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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 01, 2014 at 08:56 PM

    Happy New Year!!


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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 01, 2014 at 08:55 PM

    Happy New Year!!


  • View author's info Posted on Jan 01, 2014 at 08:54 PM

    So my girlfriend an I were going out Saturday night to listen to some live music. She had told me that this guy she met online may come and join us. It was their first Meet n Greet and Michael seemed to really like Cindy and appeared to be a nice guy. He hung out with us the rest of the night or should I say I hung out with them the rest of the night. I let them have their space and I had run into some people I know so it wasn't weird. 


    I know Cindy was excited cuz the guy seemed normal,etc.,etc. The next night she messages me to tell me that Michael said his ex-girlfriend came back and that was it. In less than a day, everything had changed. She went from hopeful to questioning what was wrong with her because she was rejected. By the way, Cindy is gorgeous and was nice to this guy and he was awfully "nice" right back!  That night he was, the next day he was not nice.

    For myself, I am still waiting to meet David. If/when I finally meet him, I will know whether we will just be friends or something more. Until we meet I really don't have a clue.

    PS In case you are wondering why I typed David was not nice the next day is because he told my girlfriend Cindy that he ex-girlfriend came back and he was confused. The way I think about exes is thet are your ex for at least one reason, if not many reasons.


    Update on David: He seems to be a flake, we didn't meet while he was here in California but he is suppose to be back in about a week. At this point I would just like to meet him to solve the mystery. We may only stay friends at the most,who knows?!  

  • View author's info Posted on Dec 16, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    Well tonight will be a night for some Christmas Cheer but right now I am gonna bitch. I usually allow myself about two minutes of bitching then move on to being my sweet self,lol.

    So a few months ago I decided I should start saying yes instead of no and do some dating. Has it been positive? No, it hasn't. Has it been all bad? No. I would rather kill time with friends then get disappointed with dates though. Sigh. I guess I will continue this "yes" garbage for a while more. I do have some Mistletoe hanging in my foyer and I am determined to use it on someone worthy!! Let's see if I reach my goal, the finding someone worthy.

    Nutshell version: David from the UK. He's suppose to be here, he claims he's here. He's close by for business and to take a vacation. Who in their right mind would not take a vacation in southern California when they are already here? Anyway, it's been a few days and we had some legit communication problems. Now it's Saturday and the weather is nice and where is david?  I am starting to get teed off. He is a major mystery at this point and I just need to solve it. I hate mysteries.

    To get my mind off of David, I called a new guy, James,from online. He is a NO. I did say I was trying to say yes but no, not this one. Too bad he can't speak English better. He lived in Turkey as a kid, yeap that's what he said. He's a widower with 3 kids, no thank-you.

    Recently Terry called me and left me a nice message. Terry in our last phonecall said he was gonna be busy at work for the next 6 months,he was dating someone he had chemistry with,and was trying to quit smoking which his smoking was a complete surprise. I cannot be around smokers, not only is it absolutely disgusting but I have asthma so being around smoke is a huge no.

    So after I said good-bye (forever), then he calls me. Wonder what happened to the chemistry woman? lol. I also thought he was too busy?  Is this what "GAMES" are ? Yeah,..I am not one to play games although I do have a stack of board games that I haven't played in a while.


    I did say yes to Bill though, he grew up in Michigan too.  We have something major in common and he's Catholic.  He was a decent date but no, the sparks werren't there. I was also taller than him when wearing heels. I dated someone that was short before. Something about my arm resting on his shoulder is not appealing.  Had Bill and I really hit it off I would try to overcome his height.

     I think tonight will probably be spent listening to some great live music with a friend. Sangria please :)   


  • View author's info Posted on Oct 21, 2013 at 01:59 PM

    It's Monday, hmmm. I had an unsatisfying weekend except for the limited edition, caramel/salted and chocolate coated biscotti I bought, they were very satisfying,lol. It may be a good thing they're a limited edition since I can't resist them. The fact they come in bulk form (Costco) also doesn't help. Bulk quantities of anything that taste good should not be sold to single women who live alone, just sayin'.


    Costco is just one more reason why I want a man in my life, someone who could split my Costco purchases with me and also split my membership fee.


    You know there was this local guy that I was briefly communicating with, I found out early that I didn't want to know him. He lied in his message to me, lied again later then got teed off when I rejected him. I think the males who turn nasty after you politely reject them are at least on the verge of being psychos. This is why we all need to be careful about what information we give out when you are getting to know a stranger.




    Anyway, at one point he called me, he was at Costco and he thought I could just quickly drive there and meet him in Costco as our first meeting. Lol, unbelievable. Well I said no!! I am not going to rush over to Costco just because you're there and meet you in aisle no. 19,.. not gonna happen.




    The Costco guy brings to mind the gas station guy.  In a short time of communicating ( I cut it off as soon as I read this part-),he told me he likes to meet at the gas station. While he and the female he is meeting, they can fill up their gas tanks and if sparks don't happen, he can get in his vehicle and just drive off. Lol, yeah...this is a true story. I am not making this  up for the sake of entertainment purposes.




    Ya know, my Costco has a gas station and free food samples. Some of these men would love the idea that while doing some shopping, they could have a date while eating free food then take their date to an even deeper level by lining up their vehicles next to each other while pumping gas. Having some small talk while shouting over the car motors while also inhaling gas fumes. Maybe the fumes would create some euphoric feelings,lol. 


    One could say they went on a date, ate and talked enough that they were experiencing some lighheadedness. I remembering a certain housewife from Orange County who was often saying that her love tank wasn't full, well this guy would fill up her gas tank, after she swiped her card of course. Is that love? It is a sad, very odd way of meeting someone, that's for sure.

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