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    We all have awareness of scammers and know what to look out for to ensure we do not get scammed  and  we are also well versed in the procedures  of ensuring ones own safety when meeting somebody from the internet for the first time. These are some of the obvious dangers we know about but from my first experience into the world of internet dating, i think there are other dangers not as easy to identify or one does not want to acknowledge, that being that this can be addictive.


    While some could argue, indeed with a degree of accuracy that it is far less harmful than other forms of addiction, there is however, a harmful aspect attached, time takes away our options and as we grow older our options get fewer and fewer and it does not matter how successful one is their options still diminish as time passes. I think men in general believe that there is always a better girl around the next corner and the world of internet dating provides a platform where they can see around the next corner, Nick Hornby in his book High Fidelity referred to it as "death by small increments


    In saying that there are some men who are realistic and great here that I have conversed but others unfortunately seem to suffer from the above and whats more you match the content of correspondence to their profile and all you are left questioning is what great fiction writer wrote their profile. Maybe I am being somewhat unfair to men but I did stress some men not all.



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    You've made a number of very good points in your post here. I think there have been a number of people who have shared their own insight on the topic.

    Your thoughts are very much appreciated. No one should kid themselves about the dangers of the internet. As an investigator with more than twenty years of experience I can assure you that there are very dangerous in the world.

    In fact, for some their lives are based on the premise of trying to outwit others, plotting and scheming and sometimes they may enter into alliances with others of like mind. The lives are spent using and manipulating others thing up ever more crafty ways to outwit others.

    No matter how very careful and cautious we are in our daily lives. There is always a measure of risk to us. The only way to remove any such risk would require the kind of security that few of us could afford.

    At the end of the day we can not live inside a fortress where we never venture out, because of concerns for our safety. However, what we can do is continually educate ourselves to the dangers whether it's the internet or whatever, the case may be, keeping in mind that someone intent on doing us harm will have an advantage. However, there are things we can do to level the field more favorable for us.

    Great job with your post. All the best to you.
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