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    hmm what more to say i guess the topic is self explainatory enough been a member for a bit im a regular guy not too special and to be honest im not looking for anythin in particular just a reasonable normal girl sad story is most of the normal girls are either taken or not interested in me that in itself kills a persons confidence money or looks is not a deciding factor with me (as long as i find you resonably atractive and we can be around each other) and im personally looking for something simple to start with and not the dreaded friends box (a total night mare for me not needing anymore friends to cause me grief in my life)
    ok im shooting myself in the foot when i say this but honesty is the best policy im not by any means a full or complete package in actual truth i have many anoyances minor stuff (we have to be honest no one is a perfect package i have come to accept that with myself many pple have beat me up on it but thats all there is to it right im not violent dishonest immoral lazy or immensely horrible in anyway and this is not just my personal observation) a lot of which comes to the confiddence issue or lack of experience issue (i didnt say that but it can be understood) but as a person i can be apreciated and well the long and short of it is im trying to find a person who can do that but isnt that why many of us are here (either that or companionship) what i want is a normal relationship i never learnt how to start one being a failed atempt at being a good boy caused that but well its my fault totally i wont blame anyone for my tragedy but my self cause i will enjoy my sucess

    also just to clearify i have no intention of offending anybody so if i said anything in that light i apologise just noting this incase i get reported im guessing they take it serious and are strict with things like that
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    hi there finally somebody intelligent on here,

    So tel me were are you from?


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