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    New to the site....curiousity killed the cat as they say.  Do people really have to have a hand in one's wallet to talk?  What happened to making one's own money? Isn't their more pride and accomplishment in making your own money.  I can't fathom the concept here.  One cannot talk to someone unless they make six figures?  What happens if the crappy economy dropped their financial portfolio down a digit...are you not going to talk to that person?  Not sure if friendship, romace or whatever everyone is trying to find on here is worth having a hand in ones pocket. Get to know the person before you know what their worth is...their character may be worth a hell of a lot more.

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    You all have made good points.. Now can you find me one and wrap him up and send him to me.. LOL
    I am always told to quit being so "Submissive" in my job and in my life and start being more aggresive, but it is just not me. I am not here because the site states " Millionaire match", but because it is another dating site I was gonna give it a try.
    I may not come from money, but I always raised my son on the fact that we were "Rich" because we had our health and our Love and God and needed nothing else.
    There are "Gold diggers" in life and there are real life people, but you have just go slow and hope that with all life has thrown you that life will throw you a "Gem" this time. :)
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    I'll answer one of your questions.  You said, " One cannot talk to someone unless they make six figures?"  The answer is "no."  You can talk to whoever you like.  Your message sounded frustrating, but I wasn't sure what the frustration was about.  Anyway, good luck.

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    HI New girl MEDCHIX....

    Not certain what meaning behind your blog is here? That all are gold diggers here? Although the site is named Millionaire Match.. not everyone here is a "millionaire" ...

    So far as "having hand in one's wallet" to talk??? No one's hands are anywhere until after you meet... (and hopefully octopus hands is due to chemistry!) But if they are, then an MM counselor should be involved...

    If you can not fathom the concept here.. perhaps my opinion may grant some insight as to why "some" may be here...(or at least why I chose this site...)

    I've personally been on MANY sites.. This was just "one more site" to meet men... Now in stating this, do I look for men who are financially stable? ABSOLUTELY! However, I look at a man's income on ANY site I enter. Not only am I not woven by the cloth of supporting a man...( I feel it is a man's duty to PROTECT a woman, PROVIDE for his family, and PRODUCE children in the world... WITH ONE WOMAN!! LOLOL.. So, obviously, I am not a woman's libber... (my quest for rights possibly would have ended after we earned the right to VOTE.. but get this straight guys.. MY VOTE COUNTS!!) LOL In other words.. you won't find me at a "bra burning party". I breastfed 3 children.. I LOVE FREDERICKS AND VICTORIAS! :)

    But even if I had the income... I would NOT, repeat NOT... pay a man's way.... "PART" of what makes a man a man FOR ME... IS the fact he IS successful... and THAT is a HUGE "turn on" to me... Shows drive and ambition and a force in him that shows me he WILL take the lead in other areas I want him to ... I AM outspoken... but this is not to be confused with being a dominant woman... I do not want to wear the gonads in my household... I would only do so if I had to...I LIKE TAKE CHARGE MEN!!

    Now in stating this, YES.. His character is of utmost importance... Should he not treat me right... matters not how thick his wallet is.. (that's where being opinionated and stubborn works in my life!) I expect him to treat me with the same respect I treat him...

    I see nothing wrong with a man who is successful coming home to a woman in lingerie (he purchased) to an awesomely cooked meal and a loving woman doting on him after she spent the day tanning by their pool and getting her nails done to ensure she looks annd feels good.. FOR HIM! (and then spent HIS MONEY buying wine and all the goods so she could spend 3 hours slaving HAPPILY (I LOVE to cook) in the kitchen preparing a feast fit for a king to surprise him.. and greeting him at the door with a glass of CAB in her hand while wearing lingerie.. ) Surely I don't need to fill in any blanks here as to the rest of the menu...

    I feel there are other areas a woman can "work" to make a man's life easier... (and I am not referring to sex) I am referring to.... a busy successful man does not want to have to spend his time concerning himself with whether or not the lawn is kept up, the garbage is out on right day, there are groceries in the house, the dogs have been fed and taken out, the kids have made it to soccer, the sprinkler system is working properly and not watering the vehicles or the sidewalk.. etc... In my eyes, a woman was created to "COMPLIMENT" a man... not compete with him...

    So I guess it all depends on how a person's personality develops... I did these things when I was married, (the special dinners and cleaning and caring for household.. ) and my husband and I were young and he started out making only $28,000 a year.. It's who I am... It came "naturally" to me... I am a care-giver and nurturer by nature. Now in saying this... I did watch other people's children, helped in day care at gym to make a little extra cash etc... when our family struggled... I am not opposed to work at all... I do what I have to do...always have.. But I don't seek out a poor man to love... There are plenty of successful, wonderful men out there that need and desire a mate as well.

    Would I prefer to "dote" on a man I adore implicitly and make his life easier and happier... ABSOLUTELY!! For me there is no greater satisfaction than being in love with a man and him loving me back.. Making sure he is happy comes naturally then! No amount of money can replace that feeling! So in repsonse to "more pride and accomplishment in making your own money?" NO. not for me.. I could care less.. I take pride in making the man I love KNOW he is desired and appreciated in every way!

    Could I go find a man who is not financially stable and help him? ABSOLUTELY! Might that happen.. Yes, it is always a possibility.. However, I do not pay attention to profiles where men declare their financial struggles...

    I seek a successful, driven man.. Doesn't have to be rich or a definite millionaire... But I LIKE my role in life I choose... and that is not climbing the corporate ladder... It's a more "submissive" and traditional role.. true... BUT.. different strokes for different folks... That's what makes us all INDIVIDUALS..

    And for the record.. I have met men who "prefer" a non career oriented woman because when one is not climbig the corporate ladder.. she has more time to devote to him.. and some men just like that kind of attention...I've met men who say their marriages fell apart because SHE was always at the office and he felt her "climb" was more important than loving him!

    It's all in how you view the glass I guess! Hope this helps you to see at the end of the day .. it isn't always about the wallet... but a certain lifestyle it can provide when one party has already obtained the thick wallet... If both parties are searching for money... neither has time for each other.... Some men just want your devotion and your time... cuz they don't have a lot of either..

    Just my thoughts!! :)


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    I totally agree :-)
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    You made some interesting points. I suppose that if it is all about the money, the person would disappear with any change in income. However, I think most people do take pride in earning their own money. Yes, there are some who may be motivated by their own agenda or as you put it "have a hand in one's wallet". I think it is difficult for any relationship to survive if it's built on deception.

    Personally, I am much more interested in meeting someone who has both a good character and heart. In fact, I would rather not have any idea of what someone's fonancial status. At the end of the day I am more interested in having someone in my life who has sincerity, compassion, empathy and love.
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