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    I made an interesting experiment. Here are my results shortly. When I published my profile in one of the web sites with my real photos from within one year old and wrote my real age 41, I hardly got replies from men. Was it because they thought I was “too old” for them or for some other reasons I don’t know. Then, on the same web site later I changed my age for 34 y.o. and with the same photos as before. I started to get so many letters from men 18-80 y.o, that my mail box was overfull.
    I’ve received so many compliments about my beauty, my eyes, my body. They were telling me that I don’t look like 35, but look like 25 y.o.! I wrote back to them that I was 41. They never came back with their letters to me.
    Before marry my ex-husband more than 4 years ago I was dating with a beautiful model man who was 12 years younger than me. He never ever noticed we had an age difference. Seemed like I didn’t have any age for him, just was his girl. My ex-husband who was that time 48y.o. started to notice that I was “not too young” strait away. He used every chance to remind me that there are so many young girls around, but I am not young any more. During our marriage there were 2 men who were crazy in love with me and they were both 5 years younger than me. Beside that boys 15 years younger were trying to courting me many times . After my devorse with my ex I had a short romance with a guy of 30 y.o. He was so in love with me that was doing silly things for me...
    My ex husband keeps telling to his friends that I am an old woman,. He is 53 y.o.
    Does anyone has explanation to all this?
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    Age shouldn't be such a factor- unless the guys in question are really looking to settle down and start having kids.  If that is the case, then for practical reasons they should be looking for someone in their twenties or early thirties.

    Otherwise, there are plenty desirable/attractive women and plenty undesirable/unattractive women in every age group.  It sounds like your ex was just trying to exploit your insecurities by pointing to these younger women.  Besides, if a guy is only interested in dating 25 year old bikini models then he is probably not someone you would want to associate with.

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    Yhank you for reply,Conyersguy.
    you write in your profile age range 29-59. I guess, it will be ahard to make a choice....
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    I always wondered what are the movtive of men who are madly in love with an older women or a younger women.  So, being a professor I searched.  I found a study, published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, that showed couples thought their age difference mattered more to the outside world than to them, and that the men were more strongly drawn to the relationships at the start because of physical attraction. Underline "physical attraction."  Men are visual creature. So a man that is madly in love with you be it younger or older may not be looking at your character, talent, heart, and soul but at your beauty.  A more interesting experiment would be to put some photos up of yourself without make-up looking plain. Then see how many emails you get.  I would venture to say it would be few.  If so, you need to ask yourself if a man is after you as a person or you as a beautiful trophy?  I believe one leads to true happiness and the other false happiness.  Good luck.

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