virginity for sale.....stupid or acceptable? Romance Forward to friends

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    what do you think about this? I've heard that in the usa a girl has auctioned her virginity... I'm a virgin to and now i ask me the question... was this decision for this young girl right?!?!... what do you think about it?
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    most of the populus does not realize this: Once a woman gives herself out for the first time it all changes her at the core!!!
    She will never forget such experiance and such a guilt!!! And she will never experiance the true spiritual and physical benefit of selfless gift in the act of total union; she will never know what she really lost at that moment. So,one who auctined her "virginity" off really auctioned off a lot more with it. Virginity is not only a physical state of breaking through the hyman!!! In this post modern --- completely material reality...we in our contemporary SUBCULTURE -- do not see and appreciate anything else what we can't "see".

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    Selling your virginity or prostitution? There is no difference. You are selling a piece of body for monetary gain. Not to mention, it says a lot about your character and how little respect you have for yourself. A women's body is a sacred temple and should be regarded as one. We are what keep this world populated and should be praised by all men. So if you think so little of yourself, do it. Even if you get the money before or after the sex, it still makes you a prostitute. Also, if you actually tell someone that you did sell your viginity, do you actually think they are going to think it's cool? I don't think so.
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    Quoting CallMeOrlando:

    What is the difference between prostitution and selling one's virginity?

    it's the same thing ^^

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    What is the difference between prostitution and selling one's virginity?

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    I have to be honest and say while it may come as a surprise to some. While I'm not entirely certain of her motivation for the auction. Does it really matter why she did it. I think if she feels her decision was right, it will probably not have much of an impact moving forward with her life.

    However, we are raised with values, beliefs and rules which come to shape our thoughts of right and wrong. As long as the values, rules or beliefs remain relevant in our lives we will make choices that are consistent with them.

    In my humble opinion when our decision or choice is at odds with our principles it creates the kind of dichotomy from which we can not reconcile. Under these circumstances the individual would have great difficulty finding peace of mind.

    While I suppose it would be hard to predict what I would do in a hypothetical situation. I would not do it under any circumstances.

    I believe many people will find a way to rationalize any behavior regardless of what others may think. I can almost hear the herd mobilizing itself to become your Judge, Jury and Executioner.

    At the end of the day the fact that you are asking the question suggest you have made up your mind. You will do what is right for you.
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    you can give me a honest answer :P
    i'm a normal girl... I have no ulterior motives....I just want to know what other people think about this topic.
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