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    Here's a thought provoking question for you all.  Have you been the kind of date you want as a date?   

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    Every time.  I'd want to date someone who laughed at my jokes, smiled at me, looked me in the eye, took my hand, walked arm in arm, equally happy at being surprised where we are going or planning the whole thing. 

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is perhaps not applicable for everyone. There are plenty of blokes who would love a woman he has espied in the bar to ravish him in the back alley, before they've even finished their first drink, before he even knows her name, like some story in Penthouse Letters.  Whereas us ladies tend to not wish that's how our first date would go.

    My goal on a first date is to seek to make others feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy (without compromising our own morals). 

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    Have I been the kind of "date" I want to date? Let's see...

    6 hours before a date I am possibly "nervously excited" putting new french manicure on my toes, maybe doing a "facial", watching LifeTime and calling my BFF to tell her about my first impression I had over the phone w/ my prospective date.

    Four hours before, I am possiby thinking... "How do I back out of this one gracefully?" as I truly wish I could just skip this entire dating section of my life (rather be run over by a mac truck honestly...) and wishing my Prince would just hurry up and climb Rapunzles hair and SAVE ME!!

    An hour before I am quite possibly "managably manic", have changed my attire 4 or 5 times cuz I feel "fat and bloated", I'm thinking "my hair really looked better YESTERDAY, and what if I have nothing to talk about and we have nothing in common?"

    THEN when he arrives, I am as ready as I will ever be.. which does not always say much.. Did I mention I dislike dating??? But none the less.. I am either a little shy and timid, or rambling a mile a minute because I am extremely nervous around people I would consider dating...

    So DO I WANT TO DATE "ME?"....  HELLLLLL NOOOOOOOO!!!! Bwhahahahahahaha!!

    PS. I know what you meant Orlando... and YES.. I am HUMOROUS, LAID BACK, AND READY FOR FUN... (though at first possibly a bit nervous... esp if I think I might "like" him... ) However.. you can pull a handful of the above written words out on any given date.. and IT HAPPENED.. My emotions go up and down like a roller coaster BEFORE the date! I wish I could relax.. but I truly do not "enjoy" this process. I feel like I am under a microscope sometimes.. Good thing? I actually calm down when the date begins... I'm one of those.. "Your imagination makes objects appear larger than they really are" type! I never dated before... just had "really long hook ups"... one ended in marriage and 3 kids! So I'm new to this realm of doing things... Anyone for a valium?? LOLOLOL


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    Wow, this is another thought provoking question and there have been so many on this site. As I newbie here I have been very impressed with the depth and breath of many of the discussions I've seen and read.

    I have to admit that I haven't been on many dates, but my philosophy which was handed down from my mother, a single mother raising five boys, before taking us out for a family gathering or some other function she would sit us down and say "you had better act like you have good sense".

    Now that I'm grown and have matured a somewhat I would say it is no longer an "act" I think I do have pretty good sense when I go out.

    I have to say that my mother had an incredible sense of humor which I also got from her. I have learned not to take myself so seriously, life's too short, enjoy the moments.

    I would say that I have been the kind of date I would want, easy going, down to earth, funny (I thought), maybe not in hindsight, although there has been a few second dates. I suppose my impression may be a bit one sided.

    At the end of the day I would say I am the kind of date I would want.
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