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    1)  I have never had sex on the first date.  Once I did it on the second date.  It did not work out.


    2)  Women are just as shallow as men are.   That means that in ANY city, not including NYC, there are a ton of men that can't get dates because they are too short, poor, fat, shy, etc.  If you think all or even most men/women are spoiled, the problem is you.


    Most likely you are a woman refusing to date men of your own level.  Instead you are date men that are SIGNIFICANTLY more attractive than you are, who are only looking for a good time.  That is, a man that is a 10 will date a woman that is a 5 - but only if she puts out and even then he won't treat her well.  Why should he, he can get twenty more like her at the drop of a hat.


    Same thing applies to men as well - if you think all women in your area are prima-donnas, it means you are only dating women that are out of your league.  Yeah, they date you, but only if you buy them stuff - and they will still treat you like crap.


    You want someone that will treat you well?  Date beneath yourself.


    That is, if you are a 7 / 10, date a 5 / 10.  They will treat you like a goddess because they know damn well they will never again date someone as hot as you.



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    regarding sex on the first date: where are the men to comment on this?
    i don't want the philosophical answers.I want the reality esp from sin cities ie New York:where married women are the most cheaters (as written in newspapers.
    Because men in these cities are spoiled with so many women around them and then turn to the internet for "serious relationship" but teasing/trying/attempting to get sex on the first date.
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