Birthdays - Why Do Some People Hate Them? Long Term Relationship Forward to friends

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    I enjoy everyone else's birthday I just don't much pay attention to mine. Not because of anything growing up because mine were always the norm but as I got older people just seem to forgot that it was my birthday. I'm not talking about gifts in anyway here. I do not need gifts to make the day special. I am talking about the fact that family and friends forget to call and wish me a happy birthday so for me its like any other day. Does it get me down?..sometimes but I don't dwell on it. Does it bother me because I'm getting older?..I actually think im getting better in my old age lol. Think its just the fact of acknowledgement. A call or email just to say "hey, I know its your birthday have a great day" would go a long way.

    Now I made it sound like I don't have friends or family..I do but life can be so hectic that people just forget :)
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    I grew up on welfare and birthdays were celebrated with a cheeseburger or nothing.  So, to this day, I just don't enjoy birthdays for myself.  It is a reminder of a challenging time in life.

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