Do some people hate success in others? Dating Tips and Advices Forward to friends

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    I used to have a friend in college that cried when I or anybody else got higher grades than she did,she was soo jealous,but the only child for a long time.The thins is,I thought she had sth against me,at first,and I felt sorry for her and even helped her.But there is no use.When her brother was born she was even jealous of him!!Then I saw her true colours and really didnt want to hang out any more,even if I would die for my friends!!! But she will crashing the others as long as she live!
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    I call them spoiled babies. Isn't remind you of the child who play with other kids and wants take away toys from other kids ?
    Thanks to their parents and society that's what you see when they became an adult.
    I have to be honest, I can’t stand that some people who didn’t had to work hard for anything, they have success, money, because they got it handed to them by family, friends and they still so arrogant about it.
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    I'm seeing more of that attitude the last years as the people that make the meat loaf that the takes grab a slice off of and then complain they aren't getting enough. For years I worked 80-100 hours with 2-3 jobs t0o do better than inch buy. I read a blog from a member complaining that the gov't isn't providing enough and their rent was 1/4 of their pay. That is the guideline for everyone on a mortgage!! If you want more money, work harder and longer, that simple. People think a 40 hour week is working hard. I don't know a single successful person who works less than 60 hours a week. I'm not talking about winning the lucky sperm contest but making someting from a working life. Time the whinning and jealousy stops. Get to work. Who is John Galt?
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    Ignore haters. 

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