Sorry but these kind of relationships don't work/trust me... Long Term Relationship Forward to friends

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    Your right Im guilty of hanging in there in fear of hurting his feelings later when he relizes he did want me and it's too late. Hope I explained that right, but bottom line this guy has been saying we are just friends but of course with benefits. When I have tried to move on he acted like a jelious boyfriend so I stoped trying to pursue others. Then he says he just did not think the one guy that showed interest in me was good choice and nothing to offer me. What is up with that, either you want me or not? That he still cant answer but his action are bosy of me etc. I live in my own place but still go back and forth with a broken heart on and off with this guy. So take orlandos advise it is right I just need to get stronger:(
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    Always find out the reason why he's not ready to settle down. Don't pressure him than u gonna have a better result...
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    And I thought I was the only dummy waiting for something that would never happen :/. Don't you just hate it when a relationship turns into a routine? Romance goes down the drain and you become a pre-marriage wife (not that he is willing to commit). Sometimes I feel as there are no good men out there.
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    I totally agree. I have never allowed myself to wait more than 1-2 yrs to make up my mind about the lasting quality of the relationship. The only time I didn't do this and stayed in a relationship for three years was a mistake - took up just over three years of my life and I stayed completely true in the relationship and did not have the opportunity to meet other men who I might have had a future with. All relationships offer something if the person is decent. However, once past 40 I think it is wiser for a woman to limit the time because the choices get slimmer.

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    I think carrer is on first place for many men but after some number of years it must change. They will reach that point in their lives when they need a best friend/wife. I dont need anything formal even after a year but there different situations out there.
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    Typically, if a person hasn't committed in a relationship within 1-2 years they probably never will.  If you have broken up and they haven't returned after a few weeks to a month, I'd say move on because they have moved on already.

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    Your right BeeLOVE!!!!!!
    I waited nearly 5 years for my ex. to come back.
    Time (I know now) totally waisted.
    I´m out there living life a loving it now :)

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