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    Greetings Forum,

    I am a new member here and have never done this before. I want to know about some of your experiences with meeting men/women who live out of town. Is it safe for a woman to travel the first time, what precautions do you take? Or do you think the man should meet you first? Share your experiences/tips.


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    I guess if I were you I would have to trust the man completely.
    there are many stories around here of people showing up and not being who they say they are,,false pictures age weight height etc.. so I would be nervous to be stuck in a strange town, with a stranger who lied etc..

    you are an incredibly beautiful woman,, make the man work for you.
    in other words,, make him show a commitment to meeting you and show some effort.

    just my 2 cents
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    A gentleman should meet you for a cuppa joe or chai in your town. He should be making the effort to see and be with you. If he isn't making an effort at the courtship phase, how much effort is he likely to be putting in after 10 bored years of marriage?

    Alternatively, you could arrange to visit overnight with a friend or relative in his town, and again, meet up whilst you are there for a cuppa joe or chai.

    If you have no friends or family in his town, and circumstances are precluding his visiting you (warning bells should be ringing now), your final alternative is meet in a THIRD location to where both you and he will be traveling. You will be staying overnight with friends or family in that town; you will NOT be alone in a hotel room somewhere.

    You do NOT provide this person, no matter how nice he seems over the inter net, with your home address nor the address of the person you are staying with until after you've had your nice safe meeting over the cuppa joe or chai.

    Everyone has a horror story about a bloke they met online who seemed quite nice on the phone and internet but, once met in the flesh, was clearly lying over the phone. This is why you only meet for coffee at first.
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