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    Many attempts have been made to report & warn women of a man (used loosely) who is emotionally & psychologically ABUSIVE on this and others dating sites.

    It has been very educational to learn one really has no protection from DESTRUCTIVE abusive individuals; other than educating and learning the signs. By stating the TRUTH, in summary, it was told the original blog couldn't be posted due to varies reasons. The bottom line; companies such as MM have to be cautious of landing a law suit. MM should have a release form 'held legally harmless' from any lawsuits or actions arising from them, so that people have the opportunity to speak the TRUTH.

    This is not about vengeance this is about JUSTICE! Research was done by calling the police and researching online to see if there are others avenues to report PREDATORS, and other offenders. Which I'm happy to inform - there are!!!

    Cyber paths and NARCISSISTS are not easy to spot! Be VERY cautious because they will run HAVOC on your Heart! Soul! Mind! & Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Psychopaths, sociopaths and even NARCISSISTIC come in every walk of life, every career level, and every socio-economic category. They are doctors, attorneys, ministers, students, ATHLETES, and truck drivers. They are realtors, construction workers and professors. They are your boss, your neighbor, your family member, and your lover or husband. You might even be with one now and not know it!

    Perfect example, the predator (MASTER MANIPULATOR, control FREAK who uses guilt & blame VERY well) I crossed paths with was a PRO BASKETBALL PLAYER who upholds this highly religious FACADE. Don't be lured or baited by their pristine image that they falsely project to the world; it's a FRONT! Behind this façade is an INSECURE little boy missing HUMAN components.

    NARCISSISTS & predators are nothing more than the "TIN MAN" – minus a heart, and the capability to feel unless it serves them! REMEMBER whatever they say or do; is ALWAYS about THEM – no matter how nice they may APPEAR!! Watch what they do NOT what they say!!! Listen & watch for inconsistencies.

    Predators will TWIST & spin situations to ALWAYS be in their favor. Even to the point that they're the victim and being harassed! One NEVER truly knows the truth with these PREDATORS. Similar to TIGER WOODS....we ALL believed he was this upstanding citizen until he was caught & held ACCOUNTABLE for his destructive behavior!!

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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 08:59 AM

    Be aware of your surroundings and what a person doesn't say, or what they say is inconsistent. Sociopaths try to convince you they are someone to look up to, usually have some erroneous claim to fame, or reason they are held in high esteme or special. Once I had a guy tell me he was a Marine and got shot down in a helocopter - I looked up his name on a military site (NO SUCH PERSON). It was all a lie, and he wasn't who he claimed to be. Moreover the sociopath usually wants to get away with something, weather that's stealing by taking something important to you, or lying in your face. Their feelings are NOT real, they are opertunists looking for a target to play. Many will convince you they are victims, they are not at fault but they are playing with your emotions and you are one of many they've taken advantage of. STOP think where are you, how can you get to a safe place, TELL someone your fears about the person's behaviour.
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    If you meet someone and you are truly interested in them it does not cost that much to do a background check.  It is well worth the investment.   Sometimes we need to weed through the bad to find the good.  Dont let bad people discourage you from searching for the right one.  He/she is out there.
    Stay safe in your search.
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    I am new on here and I definitely will be on high alert. Ive been stalked before and been on a teen dating site where it is just flooded with raging hormones, but this one guy started off nice but 3 months later, started stalking me virtually and wouldnt leave me alone.

    Its been hard to get back on these things but I can assure you I will be careful. Extremely careful.
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    Do you know my ex-husband? Having been married to one of these, she is correct -- they do come in all walks of life. And they only reveal to the world what they want them to see; you get another version. Only 2-3 people weren't surprised when I divorced my ex; everyone else thought we had the perfect marriage. But I know how to spot one now!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 22, 2011 at 06:18 AM

    Thats a little scary but i agree anyone has the potential to do grewat damage and everyone should be careful
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