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    Women, this is your chance to educate us men on what creates romance in a relationship.  Tell us a story when you felt most romantic and what did they do to make you feel that way. 

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 05:19 PM

    Any moment can be romantic when two people love and desire one another.

    1. The naughty text that makes you smile in the middle of the day. 
    2. Him pouring you a glass of champagne after a long day along with a warm kiss.  
    3. I love details even if they are very small, like him walking in with a flower he just cut in the yard and handing it to you with a BIG smile.  
    4.  Dancing with him to Latin music in the middle of my living room. 
    5.  A romantic dinner in a quiet restaurant.
    6.  Slow lovemaking with a candle as the only light source.

          Ok, I better stop ;)
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 09, 2011 at 05:58 PM

    Energy good energy........respect and creativity...
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 22, 2010 at 04:00 PM

    Willowwind, I sure hope you are still seeing that man! Wow, now that is romantic!
    I found romance in an e-mail that began " I had a dream about you last night" from someone I hadn't heard from in almost 40 years!
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 21, 2010 at 08:40 AM

    Romance and to be romantic these are 2 different things - very often romantic people live in illusion and still they don't find a true romance. Most men nowadays are afraid of making romantic moves because we women became too practical. We don't write love letters, not to mention poetry - we send short messages such as "you are sexy", whatever it means. We watch romantic films and cry over a fake love story performed by good actors... We tend to dress up only for a special date and we use too many words instead of listening to the silence... Women try to identify whether he is romantic by a brand of his wrist-watch insted of looking at his eyes, whislt he is  studying her legs - well, her nice legs in combination with his expensive wrist-watch or a car could possibly lead to a romance - hahaha - why not!? Take you chances and Enjoy Life!

  • View author's info Posted on Jul 24, 2010 at 07:12 PM

    Romance finds you.   We met in a bookstore one evening when I could not reach a book on the top shelf.  He passed by and saw me reaching.  He simply said "allow me", and pulled the book from the shelf, looked at the title, and smiled.  It was a cookbook about lamb dishes.  He asked what I was going to cook and I said something like.... I have no idea, I'm experimenting.  He pulled a card from his inside pocket and handed it to me.  As he walked away he turned and said he loved to experiment too.  He had a nice smile.  I looked at the card.  It said, "All great food is an experiment", Jeffery Talbot, Chef, Grayson School of Culinary Arts. 


    I went to the school the following weekend and had the grand tour.  He wasn't actually the "type" of man that turned heads, but, that smile was infectious, and, he cooked.  We met several times after that.  A few of those times at his home that was a wonderland of my favorite hobby ... cooking.  One evening he suggested we meet at my home.  I hesitated because my kitchen, compared to his, was like comparing a lobster to a crayfish.  But, after he told me he loved cozy kitchens, I agreed on one condition.  I would be the cook.  He agreed.

    He arrived promptly at 6pm with a large paper bag.  It was sealed.  He wouldn't allow me to see the contents and simply told me to get back to my kitchen. I thought perhaps some wine was in the bag.  I returned to the kitchen.  He would come and look over the top of the swinging doors peeking with me shooshing him off.   I had already set the table in the small dining area before he arrived, so, I was concentrating on the cooking.  He brought me a glass of wine, smiled, raised his glass, and returned to the living room.... I thought !!


    When the dinner was  finished cooking, I walked through the swinging doors to the little dining area to retrieve the plates from the table.  They were not there.  In fact, the entire table had been vacated of the dishes, candle sticks, silver, glasses, everything.   He walked in from the patio with the plates in hand.  Set them on the coffee table, untied my apron, pulled the string from around my neck and pulled it over his head, fastening the strings around his waist, then, led me to the patio that had been completely adorned with the ambiance of a beautiful dinner patio, complete with special candles, flowers, wine, table cloth, music, and rose petals adorning the floor.


    He took my hand, led me to the table, pulled out the chair, layed the napkin in my lap as I sat,  kissed my cheek and said ..... I said you could cook .... but I want to serve it my way.


    What creates romance?  For me, it begins in the mind, whether great or small ideas or thoughts, and becomes part of every moment together.  Romance, to me, are thoughts exhibited in actions, whether brilliant like a peacock, or, demure as a dove.  I think men and women have their own conceptions of romance.  When it flourishes in a relationship is when both are given the opportunity to blend it together and make it their romance.... a touch of fingers, a touch to the cheek, a smile, a rose, a symphony, a picnic, a little note left in a pocket or purse,  laughing together, having fun together, an elaborate night, or a quiet time together.... a phone call of "just because" that makes you smile and count the minutes until you are together again ...   



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    To me the most romantic times are when you aren't trying to be romantic! When you're just laughing with someone u care for or flirtacious play or doing something you never did before with them even if it's something you wouldn't have picked out! When you can have the most fun w/ someone then make the best love afterwords!

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