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    wow, that is the dumbest shit i ever heard of. I am glad you got back your " soul mate" based on some spell. but the reality is she left you on the premise of " the grass is greener on the other side"  . good luck I hope it works out for ya !! amazing.  cant say anything more !!

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    Why is this guy who posted this married? This is a dating site.
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    Hi Paul!

    I have a girlfriend that needs this guy.  She left a wonderful man 3x because of a total jerk.  He keeps pulling her away and says he loves her and wants to marry her and then he never does.  The other guy totally adored her and would have given her the world but he couldn't marry her because his wife is in a nursing home and she thought she wanted to be married.  She loves the nice guy very much but now he has moved on and her heart is broken.  Please help me......

    Thank You!



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