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    I m being looking for a good men,who can caring me, love me, respect, sincery, and who wanted be in a healthy relation, where are they.

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 21, 2010 at 12:01 AM

    Miss, you are not alone in asking as to where the good men are.  Plenty of other women on this site are asking that very same question.

    Men are doing the same as well when it comes to women.

    I wish there were a simple answer that would satisfy everyone, but there isn't.  Too many variables in play, here.  Are we not going to the right places?  Not visiting the right dating sites? Is distance a problem? Are we asking for too much in a partner? Are we not looking hard enough around us?  Are we waiting for THEM to find US?  Are we more afraid of what we don't know about a person than what we do that keeps us from taking the next step?

    Sometimes I think we would all be better served if there were a single, national clearinghouse for singles (lol).

    With all due respect and sincerity, I hope that you, myself, and everyone else here finds the very person that is right for them.  We need more loving couples in the world.

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