Gentlemen.. What Makes the Perfect Woman? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Hello Gents...


    Ok, the age old question.. What makes the perfect woman?  Why ask.. why not?

    Some will say it's physical, others.. her personality and the way she conducts her self.  Still others say it's that perfect storm of both that keeps your heart racing.

    I wonder because women all over the blog lament (me included) that they can't find Mr. Right.

    Could it be that there's something amiss in women?  Are we missing some of that which makes us women?  Perhaps a lack of appreciation or sense of entitlement?

    I have spoken with men from around the world but this has a bit on anonymity to it so...

    Let's hear it..

    Oh who am I?  Just a woman who still believes that men should be men.. always be grateful and when you find the right one.. a leader, strong and able.. be a submitting (but thinking) woman. 

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    Where the perfect girl can find honest, young, educated gentleman?
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    I think it it's silly to think you know what anyone will say. I do agree with you on that there is no such thing as a perfect person, but there is a perfect match, and any relationship takes a lot of work.
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    This question tees me off!! First of all, no one on this earth is perfect or anywhere near perfection! Anyone who thinks they are is someone I do NOT want to know!

    The poster asking this question is using it as a ploy to get noticed, don't you already know what anyone will say?

    All that being said, you can find someone who is close to being perfect for you, even then it takes work! BOTH people have to want to work at it. I was married for 20 years, trust me I know what I'm talking about.
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    The perfect women (and men) are taken. Hence, the search is quite a bit more difficult for those of use navigating the 'scene' after a blissful bond gone terribly wrong.

    It is purely a numbers game and takes courage, stamina and patience. You'll need to wait, my dear, until a perfect one bubbles up in the sort. A cast away who was perfect in so many ways, but, perhaps his wifey favored the UPS man whilst hubby was off providing.

    Be prepared no one is fit to enter this arena until they have dealt with their demons.

    Of course this applies equally to the genders and I happen to speak for a particular generation a bit more aged to perfection than someone of your youth...

    Best of Luck!

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    Excellent reply (this user is not available - too bad not available but that's another issue:-)

    It is hard to find the Mr/Ms Right. The internet might make it easier than going to bars and trying to meet the right person with tons of blind days and the "believe me he/she is perfect for you!) setups by your well intended friends/acquintances and associates.

    It's a tool and nothing more or less. It's up to the individuals to see through the questionable intent and be willing to delve into the underlying intend and character of the member posting.

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