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    ..becasue its the key ingredient in any relationship. Loyalty first  begins at home so if you have never been taught this at home or havent taught it to your sons or daughters chances are we are missing this key ingredient to even survive. So many people follow carl marx theory on survival of the fittest. you know that old saying that only the strong can survive infact many do not date outside of their race because of loyalty to their own race no matter what the circumstances are.  That's why some would call you a sell out if you dated outside your race. Those who would call you a sell out knows and realizes that eventually your choices can have and affect on them.

    A wise person once wrote: a house divided cannot stand...it's like if you cast your self out of your own house you have just seperated your house and eventually the struture of your family will crumble.

    Those who don't date outside their race  also realize that strength comes in numbers  and no matter what they don't want to do any thing to lower those numbers. It is said in this country that the majority rules. So instead of blaming things  on race which im sure ultimitly race or  does play a big role or instead of blaming it on the man or the woman blame it on your  own level of loyalty and commitment and who you would rather be loyal of committed too.

    many of us make a decision based on our own needs and wants because we think we see greenier pastures so they say on the other side. This is all ok to each their own right but our many selfish decisions may have a direct impact on your society.

    and to sacrifice your society (including your children, family, and even future generations) because you want right now is considered to be a very selfish act one that would have dire consuquences?

    How many of you are willing to go into a relationship based on love and not skin color? If you did it may create a balance and some honest sincerety. Please don't tell me that no one is that shallow that all they see is the color of ones skin. Infact if you go into a relationship based solely on color then color will always be an issue for you could even destroy your relationship. Please let me show you and impact that the color issue alone might have an affect on you and your relationship that you may be so naively contributing too. 

    Now ive seen some topics on here that make me just want to back out this site all together and make me get my money back. Some are just tacky tacky tacky, some are even rude and tacky tacky tacky. Seems some have'nt a clue.  Not trying to judge anyone or to offend or hinder anybody in thier pursuit of happiness.

    I've heard that this has become a society of non thinkers and we are told what to think what to say and when to think it.

    For example: if we see  fat or dark women we are told thats when we see ugly no matter what the face looks like or the personality this person has when we see blond and thin women we are to see beauty no matter what the face looks like  or what the personality this person has. Another one is this that beauty and brains don't not mix that if a woman is beautiful she cant be smart and that smart women are not beautiful. Confused yet? Here's another one because of the length of someones hair decides really if they are male or female, because women are suppose to have long hair and men have short hair. Even though men do cut thier hair and everyone in hollywood just about including men wear hair extentions. If not and even along with hair extentions something else fake and artifical from breast to noses even eyebrows and and other body parts. (No one really can point a finger but if you have low or no self esteem you will play right into steryotypes).

    Many are buying and have bought into these notions and fast mainly because we are being bombarded with them everyday on tv in front of magazines on the radio and on the internet  and even on billboards and bus signgs. So by the time we step out into our community we are suppose to know our place and value. By the way some older  white people that I have met with calls the television "the Idiot box". lol They know that for some kids it's their babysitter and that it is designed to make idiot's out of them from the cartoons to the commericals. Let alone subliminal titles and messages. lol.

    How do I know all these things? It's because I am a thinker I use the knowledge and the wisdom that God has given me. But society don't want me or you to think for myself. They'd rather I'd just do and not to think. It's almost like shackling your mind a psychological and modern form of slavery. That's why its ok for some white women to go outside their race and date all masters have slept with thier slaves. Its nothing new.

    So when you see your sons of daughters displaying certian traits that are baffling to you you may want to check and see what he or she watches on the idiot box or how many subconscience messages he or she has taken in. lol

    Ok all joking aside, hehe. It is determined that what ever race your dad is that's what race you are so are all the white women who date black men are they being disloyal to their race? NO it does not and eventhough the child might be legally considered black its easier to influence the child into thinking that he's white because being black has a negative impact to most many when they don't have to be.  So again the answer is not because they are reaching into the future and strengthening and gaining  numbers for their kids future and for future generations to come. Unlike some who only look out for themselves not even to consider what impact the choices they make today may have on thier future generations.

    Hey, well at least in future generations white people will not have to go to the tanners or even worry about "white men can't jump" it will all be in thier DNA. We won't have to see no more "extends" commericals because they will be able to claim all this as in thier make up with out even giving all those black men so much as any credit even when they freely voluntared given up their DNA to them. lol. Was it a freedom of choice thing or was it the "Idiot box" with its hidden and forthcoming messages that made them buy so hard into what society has told them to think or was it that those psychological chains that they receieved under the pressure of it all forcing them to be a slave to their own thinking. Did you know or do you remember that at one time that black men were put on the "endangered species list"? You know that list that animals are mostly put on when their numbers are dwindling or going extent mostly because of mans poor choices. Don't know if theyve been taken off that list yet  Usaually animals are taking off the list when some sort of rescue mission has been set forth and has been successfull in slowing down that number that was dying off, but since black men have been put on more are dying in the streets going to prison and so they say contracting deadly diaseses. It all comes down too the choices that they are willing to make. I'm sure that many black men thought it was all about them when their heads were being swelled and their egos

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    ...are being played with. And I'm guessing you don't have to put black women on that list if the men are dying off ?nd they are been snubbed by other men would just be a waste of time don't you think I mean stating the obvious. I mean if this is how we think.

    Nevertheless its all about who or what youre willing to be loyal too, do you voluntar the sure success and survivial of another generation and another race other than your own? Or do you make a conscience desision at some point to be loyal and faithful first to your God. Letting HIm lead you or to your family friends and loved ones. Praying for others and other races of people nationality creed and color. We are all human beings let us focus on that even if others do not. Be faithful and loyal and committed to God.

    If this message made you cringe imagine how I feel when I read all the petty "white men" this and "white men that " post. The driven force should be true love peace and a joy that surpasses all understanding and if you've ever been loyal to anyone stay loyal to yourself first. That doesnt mean not to follow your heart or compassion. Above all things put God first in all things. Then let HIm deal with all the racism hatemongerings and steryotypes and snubs I mean snobs. What do you think?



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