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    We all know the story of the first couple in the Bible and over the years, Seminars,Church sermons, Group discussions and Debates have surrounded this topic. 90% of Christians(of which i am one) believes so, but it is fair to suggest that the rest and those who are not in this category are either in the middle (undecided) or just dont believe so......Culture, Tradition,Belief,A Series of Events,or to be far fetched, Astrology are one of the many ways of measuring this idea......As an African, of the Yoruba race, we believe that your destiny is what it will be by who you meet along your 'journey' and most importantly, who you marry. As a christian, i have been shown who my husband is,twice, in a 'trance' (not trying to be spooky) and it is for this reason that i joined this website(amongst others) but i've found someone who fits the "description" here,but he doesnt seem interested in me although wants to date someone like me, to tell you the truth, its so confusing and it really disturbs me.........


    Do you think there's an Adam for every Eve?

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    thanx for your comment!!!
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    It has happened to me a couple times. I guess it depends on how they translate what they are looking for. If they don't respond, they are not worthy (all their money notwithstanding), we are better off with people who are literal enough to understand that the covers are not there so the book can be judged. The covers are there to enable you to understand that a good looking cover does not necessarily mean the book is great.

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    Sometimes I wonder myself ... I guess it's best to keep looking and to keep an open mind because he might not be on the surface what we think we are looking for :)

    I like to be a good way though :)

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