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    what is up with healthcare????? sometimes i wonder why i spent so much time and money.there are kids graduating who only sell my profession, like a pair of jimmy coo's shoes..i have done many years of teaching and working and still i am not sure they get the oath they took.what do you think????
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  • View author's info posted on Dec 29, 2009 22:20

    im sorry for those who sold their soul to obama and those fuckheads...seriously...i mean do people think this so called recession is not going to get much worse?!?! dont be stupid people! i dont want to get political but this post forced made me...Obama will fuck up healthcare beyond belief...I know so coming from a medical field and believe me its not what he needs to do.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 17, 2009 20:05

    some of us sold our souls to the insurance companies. Some of us still try to decide treatment instead of insurance carriers. Some of us will be Obama employees. Lord help us and our patients that we might treat others like we want to be treated!
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