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    I was married for 18 years. It ended abruptly last year. Just because we were married it didn't mean that we were truely happy. From the begining it was a disaster,because it started out with lies that he told in order to win my heart over. By the end of the relationship and me trying to save it, it was evident that we just weren't made for each other. When we seperated I decided to enter back into the dateing world. I have come across a countless amount of men, and proposed to several times. It wasn't until I met this last guy I recently broke up with,that maybe there is no true happyness out there for sincere women that want a serious relationship. He started off the relationship fine about 6mos. Then he slowly decided to back off without me knowing personally. I alwas pride myself in being honest and direct
    I called his cell phone no answer, visited his house, no answer, I even went by his job just to find out he hasn't worked for 3mos. Tell me this what am I doing wrong? Am I looking for the wrong type of me? How can I find that man who will make me happy for the rest of my life?

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    To Chanelle 2011: Maybe it's not you that has something wrong with them. Maybe it's them.
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    My secret is not giving a flying Shhh about men and I make sure I tell mine everyday that I'll survive without him (yes, I sound mean). I will never ever find a man who'll complete me. That's my job. Men are just the extras in life. Sure, it is nice to have someone by your side through thick and thin. And when you've been with someone for a long time, it is hard to adjust to your newly found independence. But try and embrace that. It's actually a wonderful gift. When you feel good in your own skin, someone will take notice. It's a really attractive quality to have. I've always found that love always comes to me when I least expect it and especually when I least want it. When life seems to be going smoother without it lol...
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