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    Ladies, it all boils down to this: either they wink and hope you'll respond, and if you do, ask for your email, provide theirs, or want to IM, then try to get more pix of you; have a "removed" profile when you try to view them and learn more; never respond if you initiate conversation; or, hope to meet you then talk a good game to get you into bed. I AGREE with the lady who said to be patient and wait. Do NOT jump into giving out more pix, BAD IDEA. I personally know a man who "collects" pix, and sends them all over. I sent a pix to a guy I met on Match, and we "dated" off and on for about 2 months, and he was "getting a divorce", not from my city but "traveled here alot" and was very "interested" in me. Or, so I thought. He hardly ever texted or called, but just when I thought he was "done', then I'd get a call or text, and he'd "be in town". I looked him up online in the court system, covered all bases. Seemed "busy" and sincere. A month went by, no word. And then got a text "can you send me a naked pix of you, you are SO sexy, and I miss you...." So, no matter what BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE AND USE YOUR GUT FEELINGS. Nothing is worth compromising your pride for some loser. I have met, in 4 years of scoping out the "major" web dating sites, including this one, 2 men in person. Sad but true.

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    Same situation with me; but, I am a non-paying member. I wanted to see if my profile generated any interest before investing in a membership. On another site, I have received tons of kisses, winks, emails, views, etc but not as many emails. What they are trying to guilt me to do is subscribe so that I can respond to all the non-paying members who contact me. They want me (a woman) to pay for membership so that the men can contact me? I'm "old school,"and feel that any man out there who is serious about finding the right woman would not be inconvenienced by a small membership fee. Perhaps, the same thing is happening on this site: the higher caliber men don't need a site like this and the lesser ones don't want to pay.
    Anyone know how to remove a profile altogether? I haven't found the link and I would like to take my profile off this site.
    Good Luck to all of you; I hope you all find someone worthwhile.
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    Patience is everything and anyone good, is worth waiting for how ever long it takes

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    please. no matter what - STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. you got 2 thankful for that! nothing is wrong with your profile as long as you are honest. men, women, children LOVE honesty - all humankind does! so, if you aren't getting the response you had hoped for, then maybe these people are not right for you. NOTHING is wrong with you or your profile. why would you want to meet some guy here that is not "connected" to your profile???? You are beYOUtiful just as you are...

    Stay that way.
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