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    I can't believe this forum is so dead!! I came to say hi to some old friends and it seems that no one is here. I think its time for SweetAimee to show up and start a cat fight thread or something. Does anyone remember how fun that was? All the mud and slime. Yup even sweet Gem got all dirty, and Aimee she was such a bully! Now Ready, well she just never really got into all the dirty stuff until we pulled her in against her will. Preciouz was a classic little fighter in all her glory. I guess it was just destined to happen. The forum has seen its better days my friends. Where are all the badboys? W's and BillZeke and Robtest and Devoted and the LoneRanger or whatever name he is using these days. And the sweet and kind men like blondeLightning and Steve. I guess that Sharp1 and Gem mustve just smitten all of them and cleaned this place out.
    Where is my cocky friend the imfamous TripleSSS ? Well I do see that vixonous Bootie is still rather feisty and Im so glad to see that. I know Im forgetting to mention some of the names but trust me my friends you are not forgotten.
    I say that we do an all points bulletin and call out to the NotSoSweetAimless one and get her motivated to wake this place up! :(

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    You know what? I dont know why this is, but I havent seen any new posts. Then I see posts appear and then disappear. Then I start a new thread and it doesnt show up so I start another new one a week later and it doesnt show up. Then suddenly they both show up in the same day 2 weeks later. Is everyone else seeing this? Or is it just me that was blocked from reading new posts? I feel this is a communist plot... hehehe. Just kidding. Where is the TripleSSS? HELLOOOOO Is anybody out there?
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    what about me, you must remember me,lol...

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