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    ok, I want to know , can you have a long distance love relationship. We all have read the profiles here. Everyone seems so nice and would be wonderful to meet,, but lets be real here. I think the site is owned by the Airlines.. they must have stock here.. lol. I have been on dating sites for apx 2yrs, and only gone out with 3 guys. Whats up !! and everyone is 3hrs or better, dammm... all the cuties here live so far away.. back to my question,, if you found the person who knocks your socks off.. what do ya do about it, if they live so far away, and both cannot move( at that time) and of course its worth the flight to go get some loving.. lol.. do ya think it would work out. and how about trust issue. ok iam getting off this,, goodnight.. littlered.
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    hi, thanks for respoding, sorry about you and your friend, you had to do what is best for you,, Iam having a problem with the innernet thing,, I dont go out much, ok,, not at all!! lol.. I want to make friends and go on dates,, but, everyone lives so far away,, its not like i can go to Calf, or TX or any other state , to have dinner, or movie,, the internet dating sites is like watching tv and a bar to talk to people,, Iam hoping my Big bad wolf is out there, and finds me,, and thanks for the wishes.. are you having any luck on this site,, have a great night. littlered
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    well I knew a guy long distance for 3 years and we talked alot. then he would disappear for awhile and then start calling again. Well he finally moved here a year and a half ago and OMG has this turned into a nightmare! Hes been living with me and I finally got him out of my house! He got bummed out and told his doc that he was depressed so the doc called the cops and had him commited for suicide watch. Well I packed 6 huge suitcases and dropped them off at the hospital an hour away. Im not proud of myself for doing it that way but I felt it was the only advantage that I had.
    I guess what Im saying is that you never really know someone from long distance relationships, until they actually move in and you spend every single day and nite with them. I feel bad for him and I actually still like him as a friend but hes just not right for me. Good luck in your search!

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