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    Men, please explain to me what is going through a guy's head when he IMs a girl and after exchanging pleasantries (name, location, etc.), he asks if she has a webcam and then offers to "perform" because "he felt like having someone watch"?

    Superior8070 has a profile that sounds SO nice! He's very attractive and his profile talks of finding "the one" and of not playing games but I kid you not he offered the above within 2 minutes of beginning a chat.

    Is there a sign on my forehead that says, "PLEASE USE AND DISRESPECT ME"? Do I *look* like the kind of girl who is *that* kind of girl? I don't have "come hither" pictures on my profile. I'm not showing skin nor do I talk about kisses or things I like to do behind closed doors. As a matter of fact, I have a disclosure saying I *don't* want to talk about those things before getting to know a guy.

    So why are these guys drawn to me? Or women, if you're reading this, please chime in if this happens to you as well.

    Guys...WE ARE NOT YOUR TOYS! We have feelings! We are hopeful! We are seeking for something meaningful! Or at the very least curious about what's out there.

    It has seriously gotten so bad that I bristle when I go on a date and a guy comes anywhere close to "going there". I don't even remember what the natural progression from first date to the bedroom is because 99.98% of the dates I've been on in the last year have ended in disappointment because the guy was making moves before midnight!

    I've changed perfume, hairstyles, body types, wardrobe, you name it...yet this trend happens over and over.

    Sorry for my rant but I would love to have some guys chime in here and BE HONEST. I seriously want to know how you think so I can at least prepare myself. lol.

    Lots of love to you gentlemen out there.


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    This blog is great, and hits the nail on the head, thank you for writing it! The tight-asses claim they are "millionaires" then want to save the $1.97 an minute to get free webporn from the women on this site.
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