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    I n not trying to solve a one of the oldest misteryes in the world,just want to have some answers.I m 22 years and i keep asking myself what trully men want,what they need,what they expect,whats the mechanism of a man brain and soul?
    What does a man want to say when he's not saying anything?Can a man be subtle and communicate with no words,give without asking back,begging without beeing pathetic?
    How does a man love?Does he love?Does his love feel same as ours?
    Is it true that a man think about sex 100 times in a day and associate sex with almost all small things that happen daily?
    I bet they dont have nightmares about their nails,they dont struggle with cellulite,they dont buy their jeans in accordance with the way their bums looks...but really arent they superficial at all?
    They always blame us for out accuracy in everything but how about them?I know men that have more skincare products then i have,that go to manichiure often then me,that spend more then in front of a mirror then all my friends together...
    Does all men love their cars,bikes,boats,gods and name it with some ex gf name?
    What a man want after all?
    Love,sex,tender care,attention,exclusivness,respect,high IQ but not higher then his,valuation?
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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 15, 2007 at 08:46 AM

    Simply put....Men probably have no idea what they want and it's up to us to keep a sane mind about it. Men are visual, sexual creatures as oppose to women being emotionally dependent, and security driven (my opinion only)...

    Men will most likely explore all sexual desires before they get bored and want someone special to settle down with. Even at this time, they are still visually and sexually driven rather it be his wife or not.

    Men may be asking themselves the same question..What do women really want? I can be honest and say...I want everything he has to give and then some. I want a 104% of him if at all possible but we all know, it's not.

    Getting back on point, I don't think we will ever be able to figure these unique people out but as long as you can find one who is near what you desire...it's a go!

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 05, 2007 at 12:16 PM

    Most important thing is the world is love,then is sex and money...at least in my oppinion...Why did we all joined this site?its called afterall MillionaireMatch so its a site with rich singles,with people that are rich or want to become rich or its something about money.We all try to achieve something by joining this site else would be a waist of time since we registered since now.
    Personaly i signed in to find some answers,to find an inteligent man to talk with,an experienceb guy who can explaine some of my inquirys.
    Love,sex,money...We are all so superficial...gosh!!!we'r all fake...men and women,we show off our careers,cars,boats,houses...i browse around this site and saw so many pics of guys with celebritys...what that means?
    I wake up everyday at 6 am and go to work then to school,i spend my week ends sleeping and i dream to wake one full week at 10 am,i go with subway and eat cold sandwiches in lunchbreake and i m a damn amazing woman...i m proud of myself and i dont complaine...i do want more but i dont crave for what other people have,i dont crave for an empty soul...
    But the main ideea is what men want?
    Isnt it?
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 03, 2007 at 11:01 AM

    i am a man from china, i do not know what other men want. i am single now, 29,the age that i am supposed to be married as aged people says. i am the age that i should have already achevied a lot in my career, otherwise,i am not having even ny owm house,my own car, it is a shame. i am from a countryside,so it;s kind of hard to receive education and then have a very good job, i am just a teacher in a middle school. eaining not much money.i want a lot,love , respect, friendship,money,etc,whiach are impirtant to me a lot. i not having much money, i do not have a girl friend, girls in my country would choose a man who has lots of money, handsome,as her husband, but i am not.and the girls who want to marry me i think do not suit me. you know i have already been an adult,have the desire to have when i am at work ,i have no time to think about it. work comes first in my life because life is not easy i must make a living by working harder,another reason is i love my job by heart. after work or ai my free time,sometimes i feel lonely, everyone needs t someone to talk with, to share happiness and sadness withe each other. and last to solve the problem that the age bings us.that is it is natural thing to think about having with a girl we are drawn to,but it is imposible to think about it 100times a day, terrible idea, i am doing a lot to be myself, not following what other men do. though i am just what other men are in some ways. i do not know if you are pleased with my answer.
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