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    Hi Blondie,

    Where are you at cutie? I am looking for you lol. We have a date with destiny you hottie.
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    BlondeLightning write:
    Hi Everyone!

    Wow, I must state that it has been some time since I have chatted with everyone. That is due to change though! I have more time to myself now. I recently sold my business and have gone into semi retirement now, lol. It seems nice to be able to travel around the USA and globe for enjoyment and not business anymore !!!!!

    I would like to say hi to the newer MM people I have not had the opportunity to chat with in the past. And you old timers (ol Fogies) like me, drop me a few lines so I know what you have been up to. I am sure allot has changed in all of our lives, hopefully for the better.

    Since life has changed for me, I plan to get around more and not so much rushed as it was prior when I was running my business. So, with that stated, I will at some point in time be near most of you. It would be nice to see old faces again, new ones, and to have the leasure time of enjoying life and your company.

    "OK EVERYONE", now drop me an e-mail to say hello or whatever, I would definately like to hear from you. Oh yeah, I guess I will have to update my profile now, LMAO. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? still lolol. Talk to everyone soon!



    hey you... I am moving back to Cali. soon... my sis had breast cancer and I came back to Florida for a few months... look forward to talking to you again buddy....
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