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    I just want to see how many folks will join in and add to the story. I will start it off and would like for each of you to add to it. See what we come up with and maybe it will become a novel. Ya right but it will be fun and funny or dark and mysterious... oh action pack,,,, or billions of light yrs away.

    It was a wonderful summer day, as she walked pass the river looking at the reflection of the trees.
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    She wondered if he was Bartholomew, or was someone else going to spring out at them. With difficulty she heaved the man up half carrying and half dragging him through the parted curtain, that automatically swung close behind them. Struggling she manages to hoist him up on the bed. The room was definitely fit for a Queen. The crackling of the fire in the marble fireplace drew her attention; there were two overstuffed armchairs in front of the fire with a low table between them. Making sure the man was secure on the bed, she walked over and sank down into one of the chairs gratefully.

    She felt the faint dark throb of an on coming headache, laying her head back she stared into the fire. The flames danced to an invisible symphony in front of her eyes, lulling her to sleep. A dark presence appeared in the fire, slowly taking on the from of a face she guessed possibly female. She was mesmerized by the scene, her scream stuck in her throat. The face spoke in a language she did not recognize the voice crackling softly yet forceful. All around her the room filled with dark shadows, floating up from the floorboards beneath her, out of corners and cracks in the walls, noiseless and even more menacing because of it. The voice from the fire barked out an order and the shadows froze on the spot, the voice crackled again and this time she seemed to understand the words. ?Remember His Name, mortal Queen. Remember the choices you have. When you call His name He will join you and you both shall rule??

    The voice faded away and the shadows unfroze. Darkly and with evil menace they slowly began to advance on her?

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 12, 2007 at 07:35 PM

    .....with all the work finally done the little creature approached and knelt before Her and the Man She was tenderly holding...She looked in awe all about Her as the room came to life..,,the beautiful stained glass windows, pictures of stars She did not recognize and landscape scenery in them....She gazed at the throne, still bewildered at the sight and confused at all She had heard and seen....then looking to the small fuzzy creature with it's pointed ears and olive skin...

    "who are you, what are you, where am I, what is all this?" She asked....

    "all in good time my Lady.....for now You Both need rest...come, please follow Bartholomew" he spoke as he waved his hand again and behind the throne a curtain parted reveling a room with a large bed covered in soft pillows and silks of all colors, on the table beside it fruits and cheeses , breads and water..or was it water...She wondered....and across the room a crown sat in a clear glass case...silver and gold inlayed with jewels of all kinds glittered...and as She turned to speak to the funny looking little man.....poof he was gone..........

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    behind the small creature came suddenly an array of twinkling stars that soon filled the air.
    Flowing gracefully in their cluster they bathed her in their bright silver shimmer as they appeared to consciously set about a task.
    She watched amazed as the stars glided about with deliberate intention they flew around her and the man, a whirlwind of sliver light that extinguished as soon as they touched any solid part of the ruins.

    It took her a while to realize that the stars where rebuilding the ruins around her. Walls groaned into existence, the roots that covered the marble floor withdrew themselves, leaving the floor whole. A fire place formed in one of the far walls erupting into flames of dancing orange and red. She realized she had been holding her breath and gently let it out as the Throne room transformed in front of her eyes. All the time the busy little creature waved his arms frantically almost as if conducting a huge orchestra.
    The noise was deafening and she wanted to cover her ears but she was holding the man so tightly she dared not move, on and on it went windows forming, glass positioning itself within the stone frames..until finally the last star diminished and the noise died away....

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 21, 2007 at 02:50 PM

    She felt rooted to the spot, soaking wet and shivering from the cold. "Fight or Flight" she thought, in that instant she made a choice and moved quickly to him, wrapping her arms around him wondering if she could lift his weight. He slumped deeper into her arms slipping into unconsciousness. "Damn it...don't you dare leave Me" she whispered fiercely into his ear. He did not respond.

    Through the noise of the dying storm she heard a loud metallic sound from behind her, turning her head she watched a huge metal slab opening slowly in the black stone wall behind the altar, the only wall to remain intact. As it opened slowly, a thick green glow flowed through the makeshift door way. Her eyes scanned around her frantically searching for a weapon.

    "Hurry up you idiots, The Queen is here...I said the Queen is HERE!!!" the high pitched voice practically screeched as it emphasized its words. Her mouth fell open her mind barely registering the sight before her...
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    ...He looked to the sky, as the storm became more threatening, daring to part Them, He quickly leaped up on to the Alter, raised His arms to the heavens and howled...

    A loud screeching sound bellowed from deep with in Him, as He tilted His head towards the heavens, a sound that would shatter glass around the world....She covered Her ears as She watched in awe through the storm that brewed...

    not only was the sound escaping from Him terrifying but a beam of light shot through Him, parting the clouds and stilling the winds and rain... drained and exhausted He fell to His knees upon the Alter, with beckoning eyes and a hand held out towards Her, He whispered. "for You my Queen", and collapsed...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Wow Unsnagged, Tall, and Bill, I see you three are still around here. Nice to see some of the ol timers are still here. Drop me an e-mail to fill me in.

    Ok, here it goes, I try to add to this.

    And all of a sudden the wind started blowing, the clouds rolled in, and it began to rain. She could see him in the distance for a short time. But, as it got darker from the storm, that faded away, she called to him but with the noise from all the thunder, he could not hear her voice, then came the lightning casting momentary images and shadows. They seemed to be getting a greater distance apart all of a sudden. Just when it seemed hopeless he.........

    Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you soon.
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    All of a sudden they heard a loud shrill sound coming from behind them, they both turned around and to there amazement they saw...
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    Moving, forward, standing directly behind her, he whispered in her ear, his voice deep and melodious...

    "Welcome home My Queen"

    She spun around quickly, looking to see if he was serious, he bowed slightly and she had to bite back the urge to laugh. He moved around her..taking her hand moving towards the stone throne...
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 10, 2007 at 11:12 AM

    as they got closer she realized it was not just a rock but a marble if an alter was once erected here, there were steps leading up to it and He beckoned her to follow Him they reached the alter she noticed odd marking upon it, as marking in ancient cave drawings...symbols of kind

    there were more stairs leading up to another tier where what seemed to be the remains of a stone throne with pillars surrounding it, looking down upon the alter..she looked at Him again with questioning eyes, but her voice did not find her, was it fear....
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    the shadows of the trees looked like man standing tall. Only a little sun breached through the branches making it possible to see that there was an empty spot. She looked closer and realized there used to be a large building whose remains were now covered with plants. Taking her hand, he pulled her carefully towards the Ruins helping her with each step avoiding the half hidden thick roots of the trees. Moving closer she saw that once a magnificent palace had stood here, now a crumbling shell of its former beauty. The marble floor was almost intact, the moziac, stunning, her heels clipped loudly as they crossed the floor heading towards what appeared to be a giant rock...
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    she opened her mouth to speak, he pressed a finger gently against her lips, she was silenced. Holding her hand firmly, he pulled her closer to him and pointed, she turned to followed the direction of his finger, try as she may, she could not see anything except seething shadows, dancing in and out of the dimly lit forest. An unusual quiet fell around them, she was sure he could hear her heart as it thumped hard and fast against her ribcage......

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    ....and she followed him in to the woods, were darkness suddenly surrounded her as the trees blocked the sun, and it's warmth, she began to doubt her decision and turned to walk back out,but the way in was gone, vanished, turning about frantically only to see him standing before her....
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    stopping a few feet away, he stared at her intently, his deep green eyes seem to penetrate her soul, he beckoned her to follow him and turned walking back into the woods...her mind screamed "Hell No" but she was curious. Taking a deep breath she made a quick decision.....
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    billzeke write:
    Those were fun times. Oh well ladies. I guess it's back to reality for me. Life is good. LMAO

    Re:And he appeared from the trees and he looked into her big brown eyes and came closer and closer...
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    Bill...who are the blonde babes with you? lol
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    Those were fun times. Oh well ladies. I guess it's back to reality for me. Life is good. LMAO

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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 19, 2007 at 01:34 PM

    Hahaha! Oh Gosh are bringing back memories! LOL
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    Bill only you!!!! ILMAO He is a nice looking guy do I know him...........
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    It was a guy lying naked on the bank. He was smiling. He beckoned to her with his INDEX finger. lol.

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